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10 Vacation Spots In The US That Won’t Break The Bank

10 Vacation Spots In The US That Won’t Break The Bank

The United States might seem like an expensive place for a vacation, but there are many destinations across the country that won’t break the bank. Domestic and international travelers can find fantastic holiday spots in each state, and these cities remain affordable with lots of free things to see and do. Check out these 10 vacation spots when planning a budget-friendly holiday in the United States.

10 Miami, Florida

Blue waters and white sand beach with tall buildings on shore
Photo by Antonio Cuellar on Unsplash

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Parts of Florida can be costly for a holiday, especially in peak tourist season. But accommodation in Miami remains reasonable, with hotel and hostel options to suit all budget ranges. The best part of visiting Miami is that besides paying for food and accommodation, travelers can enjoy free activities like walking around the city or lounging at the beach.

9 San Antonio, Texas

Boat in the water of a canal with people dining along shore
Photo by weston m on Unsplash

Alamo Plaza, San Antonio 

Texas overall is a fairly affordable state to visit in terms of accommodation prices. San Antonio stands out as one of the most budget-friendly cities in the state, thanks to its many free or low-cost attractions. The San Antonio Riverwalk and the Japanese Tea Gardens are just a couple of the walkable attractions to visit.

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8 Portland, Maine

Lighthouse on the coast
Photo by Karson on Unsplash

Cape Elizabeth, Maine 

Located in the northeast, the coastal town of Portland, Maine, is picturesque and comes without the price tag of the more popular beach destinations further south. Portland is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and seafood lovers.

7 Charleston, South Carolina

Street lined with colorful homes and palm trees
Photo by Leonel Heisenberg on Unsplash

Charleston, Souh Carolina 

Charleston is a charming city in South Carolina with historic architecture, cobblestone streets, and the romance of horse-drawn carriages traveling throughout the city. Compared to other popular cities in the United States, accommodation is affordable, especially for travelers willing to stay outside the historic city center or in one of Charleston’s many hostels.

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6 New Orleans, Louisiana

Corner building on a street in New Orleans
Photo by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash

French Quarter, New Orleans 

New Orleans is a popular travel destination, and it remains budget-friendly. It’s easy to spend a lot of money thereby staying in upscale hotels and eating at lavish restaurants. But travelers can enjoy the city on a budget by choosing a budget hotel or New Orleans hostel. Limiting the amount of alcohol consumption on the trip can also reduce expenses.

5 Savannah, Georgia

Lush green trees in front of a historic white building
Photo by Sunira Moses on Unsplash

Historic Building in Savannah, Georgia 

Savannah is a historic, charming southern city in the United States with a lot of free things to do while visiting. Biking in Forsyth Park, admiring the Savannah Botanical Gardens, visiting the Bonaventure Cemetery, or walking the many nearby trails are just a few ways to enjoy the city on a budget.

4 Phoenix, Arizona

Large mountain behind sprawling city
Photo by Chris Tingom on Unsplash

Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona, is a desert destination that offers pleasant temperatures for sun-seekers in the spring and fall and high heat in the midst of summer. The city is lively yet budget-friendly. Nature lovers will appreciate the unique landscapes and attractions like the Desert Botanical Garden and Camelback Mountain.

3 Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sand-colored Pueblo-style buildng with blue accents
Photo by Matt Briney on Unsplash

Pueblo-Style Building, Santa Fe 

New Mexico is an affordable alternative to Texas for travelers who want to visit a big city on a budget. Head to Santa Fe, where accommodation is relatively cheap, and the Pueblo-style architecture creates a unique charm. As a hot spot for creative artists, there are plenty of things to do, including performances, galleries, and museums to enjoy.

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2 Asheville, North Carolina

Tree covered mountains reveal a blue lake
Photo by Cody Scott Milewski on Unsplash

Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina 

Asheville is an underrated destination that remains budget-friendly. Accommodation is easily found for less than $150 per night, and there are plenty of free outdoor activities to enjoy. Nature walks, hiking, biking, and sound baths are some of the ways to connect with the great outdoors in this gem of North Carolina.

1 Williamsburg, Virginia

Brown and grey mansion in front of a green courtyard area
Photo by Christian Alvarez on Unsplash

Governor’s Mansion, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia 

Known for its significant role in the American Revolution, Williamsburg, Virginia, remains an important historic site for the country. Visiting Colonial Williamsburg is like stepping back in time to the 18th century. It remains the biggest outdoor educational living museum in the United States, offering immersive experiences for visitors. The best part is that while it’s a great place to visit, it remains affordable.