June 23, 2024

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6 Iconic Photo Spots Located in Jakarta’s SCBD Area

6 Iconic Photo Spots Located in Jakarta’s SCBD Area

SCBD Jakarta is mostly known as the business district of South Jakarta or Jakarta Selatan. It’s characterized by towering skyscrapers, upscale shops, and overall modern architecture that define Jakarta as a metropolis. At the same time, SCBD Jakarta is also beloved as one of the most aesthetic hangout spots. With lush green spaces, pops of modern art and unexpected beauty, it’s no wonder that many stop by to snap a few pictures for keepsake. 

Anytime you’re ready to make it the perfect backdrop to your stay, head out from your apartment near SCBD Jakarta and let’s capture some stunning photos from these iconic spots below:

1. Dukuh Atas Park

located near the SCBD area in Jakarta, Dukuh Atas Park is more than just a park. It’s a multifaceted green space offering a welcome contrast to the surrounding glass skyscrapers and a unique blend of activities perfect for capturing some interesting photos. This urban oasis not far from apartments in SCBD Jakarta provides a chill atmosphere and refreshing escape, perfect for showcasing nature and modern architecture. It is also a bit of a secret spot, enabling you to capture something unexpected. Simply aim your camera and take home the park’s greenery with the sleek lines of the SCBD buildings as your own memento. 

2. Riverside Walk at BNI City Station

This instagrammable spot from your apartment near SCBD Jakarta offers an intriguing potential photo spot. A scenic walkway along the Ciliwung River, this area is nestled amidst the towering skyscrapers such as Wisma BNI 46 and Shangri-La Hotel. The surrounding area also offers the buzz of energy of the nearby station, adding a touch of vibrancy to your shots. Capture the calm river against Jakarta skylines, while the green space in this business district relaxes you during a peaceful stroll. 

3. Kendal Tunnel

Not your average underpass or tunnel, unveil this iconic passageway not far from your apartment near SCBD Jakarta. Connecting different parts of the area, the corridor of Kendal Tunnel is adorned with vibrant street art created by local artists. They have transformed the walls into a giant canvas of creativity, filled with colorful murals and graffiti. As you walk through, the tunnel becomes a unique open-air art gallery, perfect for capturing edgy and artistic photos. So strike a pose at this hidden gem and bring home a piece of urban art from SCBD. 

4. JPO Phinisi Bridge

It will not be hard to spot JPO Phinisi Bridge from the comfort of your apartment near SCBD Jakarta. This spot is a pedestrian walkway with a touch of Jakarta’s maritime heritage, taking shape in the form of a traditional Phinisi ship depicting Indonesia’s seafaring history. With unique designs, this showstopping bridge becomes an iconic landmark with an eye-catching backdrop. The panoramic views offer stunning SCBD skyline of modern skyscrapers against the historic deck. Get camera-ready while you cross this bridge and don’t miss your photogenic opportunities.

5. Sarinah

Another iconic landmark with modern flair, Sarinah is an iconic mall located around apartments near SCBD Jakarta. Recently revamped with a modern twist, this mall offers a unique blend of history and contemporary style. There are multiple photogenic spots to check out, including the grand staircase of the amphitheater, skydeck for breathtaking panoramic views of the city, and the red chairs in the Skydeck area. You can also capture the street vibes, often buzzing with local activities and rich with Jakarta’s own energy.

6. ASHTA District 8

One of the newest additions to the SBCD area, ASHTA District 8, is a mall with modern design and artistic flair. This premium shopping mall offers a unique blend of contemporary architecture, captivating installations, and unexpected backdrops with minimalist aesthetics. In addition to many popular cafes and restaurants each offering its beautiful decorations, there is an iconic balcony area perfect for capturing the vibes of the metropolis ala New York. There are also artistic wall arts around the mall, gorgeous lobby entrance, and many hidden spots you must not miss. 

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