November 30, 2022

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11 Best Travel Insurance Companies of 2022

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In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, more Americans are choosing to protect their upcoming vacations and travel plans with travel insurance. According to data from AAA, about 31% more Americans are protecting their trip costs with travel insurance than before the pandemic.

If you’re considering traveling domestically or internationally, you might want to invest in a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance policies reimburse you for nonrefundable expenses if you must cancel your trip or if you’re injured during international travel.

We at the Home Media reviews team have researched dozens of travel insurance companies. Explore some of the best travel insurance companies and policies using our guide below.

Top 11 Travel Insurance Companies of 2022

Here are our picks for the top travel insurance companies for U.S. residents:

Unless otherwise noted, all price quotes listed in cost sections were retrieved from the company’s website using a week-long trip to the Bahamas in November.

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection: Our Pick for Luxury Travelers

  • Our rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Countries covered: 100+
  • COVID-19 coverage: Yes

Why We Chose Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Berkshire Hathaway’s LuxuryCare travel plan can be the ideal choice for anyone planning a high-value vacation. Unlike most travel insurance plans, this luxury travel plan covers cancellations if your child’s school calendar changes, if you or your partner becomes pregnant or is approved for adoption and additional circumstances. 

LuxuryCare plans are available with higher interruption insurance limits, covering up to $100,000 worth of nonrefundable trip expenses, which can be ideal for luxury travelers. Most customers will be able to get a quote online in less than one minute, which can be beneficial for anyone looking for coverage quickly. 

Though most consumers know Berkshire Hathaway for its investing services, the company’s travel insurance division covers more than just luxury travel. Berkshire Hathaway also offers standard travel insurance plan options and AdrenalineCare adventure travel plans that remove policy exclusions on action sports. 

Pros and Cons of Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Add-on Options

Berkshire Hathaway allows you to add the following add-on options to qualifying travel insurance plans: 

  • Cancel for any reason (CFAR) upgrade (Up to 50%)
  • Financial default (covers your trip expenses if your airline, resort, or other trip vendor declares bankruptcy)
  • Preexisting conditions waiver


A 35-year-old traveler taking a week-long trip with a total cost of $2,000 can typically expect to pay around $148 for LuxuryCare trip insurance. Pricing for LuxuryCare coverage was the same for 35-year-old and 50-year-old travelers.

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Allianz Global Assistance: Our Pick for Business Travelers

  • Our rating: 4.4 out of 5
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Countries covered: 100+
  • COVID-19 coverage: Optional coverage

Why We Chose Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance is our top pick for business travel, thanks to its AllTrips Executive Plan. As the name implies, this travel insurance coverage focuses on business travel and includes lost and stolen property coverage for commercial equipment. Travel insurance policies include up to $1,000 for renting new business equipment if a travel delay separates you from your luggage. This international travel insurance also includes coverage for up to $45,000 in rental car damage for residents of most states.

These policies include concierge coverage that provides personalized assistance navigating a changing travel itinerary or using your travel medical insurance or trip interruption benefits. However, these policies have lower health insurance coverage limits than other travel insurance providers on this list.

Business executive travel insurance policies issued through Allianz also include up to $500 towards change fees if you must pay to change your flight to avoid a trip cancellation. It also includes some of the same standard protections you’ll find on any comprehensive travel insurance plan, including up to $50,000 in emergency medical coverage, $250,000 in emergency evacuation coverage and $1,000 towards baggage delays. Overall, Allianz’s executive-oriented plans can be ideal for anyone who travels regularly and carries expensive equipment.  

Pros and Cons of Allianz Global Assistance

Add-on Options

Allianz Travel Insurance currently allows its customers to add the following endorsements to any travel insurance plan for tourism or business travelers.

  • Epidemic Coverage Endorsement: This policy extension adds select coverages related to trip delays, cancellations and medical evacuation needs related to pandemics and epidemics like COVID-19.
  • Preexisting medical conditions coverage: This add-on extends your medical expenses coverage to include limited coverage for preexisting conditions present when you sign onto the plan. 


Coverage for the AllTrips Executive Plan is higher than Allianz’s other travel options. A 35-year to 50-year-old traveler can expect to pay around $510 for the AllTrips Executive Plan on all trips under 45 days. A 35-year-old traveler taking a week-long trip with a total cost of $2,000 can typically expect to pay between $85 and $175 for trip insurance depending on coverage levels and destination.

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Nationwide Travel Insurance: Our Pick for Cruise Insurance

  • Our rating: 4.3 out of 5
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Countries covered: 100+
  • COVID-19 coverage: Yes, limited 

Why We Chose Nationwide Travel Insurance

While there are many options for travel insurance online, not every company offers coverage for cruises. With Nationwide, you can purchase a cruise insurance policy with trip cancellation protection up to 100% of the total cost of your cruise plus accompanying hotel and airfare. CFAR upgrades are available on travel and cruise insurance policies for up to 75% of your trip costs; up to $1,000 in interruption insurance is also included.

Nationwide offers three coverage tiers, ranging from the affordable Universal Cruise Plan to the more inclusive Luxury Cruise Plan. Every cruise plan includes coverage for trip cancellations and interruptions, baggage delays, missed connections and emergency accidents and sickness. Covered cancellation reasons are flexible and include work-related cancellations and extensions to your child’s school calendar. 

Pros and Cons of Nationwide Travel Insurance

Add-on Options

You can add the following optional coverages to Nationwide’s travel insurance plans: 

  • Accidental death and dismemberment 
  • CFAR coverage (Up to 75%)
  • Financial default coverage
  • IFAR coverage
  • Preexisting conditions waiver
  • Rental car collision coverage


A 35-year-old traveler taking a week-long cruise to the Bahamas can expect to pay between $82 and $104 to protect a $2,000 cruise vacation, depending on coverage level. The price for a 50-year-old traveler was also between $82 and $104 on the same trip.

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Generali Global Assistance: Our Pick for Emergency Assistance

  • Our rating: 4.2 out of 5
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Countries covered: 100+
  • COVID-19 coverage: Yes

Why We Chose Generali Global Assistance

Generali Global Assistance’s travel insurance services include access to the company’s 24/7 global assistance team if you need last-minute support or assistance with your policy or using your benefits. Generali’s experts can be invaluable resources if natural disasters or political demonstrations strike the areas you’re traveling to.

No matter where you travel, Generali’s plans allow you to go with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have telemedicine and international travel experts standing by if you run into trouble. Generali’s plans also include identity theft protection, an uncommon benefit in the travel insurance industry. Plans also include trip interruption coverage for COVID-19 at no additional costs.

A unique feature of Generali’s plans is its 10-day “free look” period. After purchasing your coverage, you have 10 days to review your plan’s inclusions and exclusions to ensure that it fits your needs. If you find a better travel protection plan from another insurance company within this window, you can cancel your coverage and receive a full refund with no penalty.

Pros and Cons of Generali Global Assistance

Add-on Options

Generali’s current add-on options include the following. 

  • CFAR coverage (Up to 60%)
  • Collision coverage waiver (Up to $25,000)


A 35-year-old traveler taking a week-long trip with a total cost of $2,000 can typically expect to pay between $76 and $113 for travel insurance from Generali, depending on plan inclusions and coverage limits. Pricing for 50-year–old travelers was the same as for 35-year-old travelers when we got a quote.

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AXA Assistance USA: Our Pick for Leisure Travelers

  • Our rating: 4.2 out of 5
  • BBB rating: A-
  • Countries covered: 100+
  • COVID-19 coverage: Yes, limited

Why We Chose AXA Assistance USA

If you’re traveling to ski, golf, or for a cruise, you’ll likely find a few extra benefits by buying travel insurance through AXA Assistance USA. 

AXA’s Platinum insurance package includes reimbursements for special leisure packages and activities, including ski trips, missed tee times and sports equipment rentals. It’s also one of the only companies we’ve reviewed to provide a generous $1,500 benefit for missed connections, which you can apply to missed cruise departures. AXA’s $3,000 delay coverage for lost bags is also exceptionally generous, which might add peace of mind if you travel with expensive equipment. 

AXA’s Platinum insurance plan is available from $100 and includes a generous range of coverages. Travel insurance plans from AXA include coverage for COVID-19 while abroad and before your trip, providing you with up to 100% reimbursements if you contract COVID-19 on or before your trip. It also includes $100,000 towards nonmedical evacuations, which can be beneficial if you’re traveling to an area of known social or political unrest.

Pros and Cons of AXA Assistance USA

Add-on Options

  • CFAR coverage (Up to 75%)
  • Collision waiver (Up to $50,000)


A 35-year-old traveler taking a week-long trip with a total cost of $2,000 can typically expect to pay between $60 and $101 for trip insurance depending on coverage levels and destination. A 50-year-old traveler may expect to pay between $83 to $142 for coverage on the same trip.

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AIG Travel Guard: Our Pick for Families

  • Our rating: 4.0 out of 5
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Countries covered: 100+
  • COVID-19 coverage: Yes, limited

Why We Chose AIG Travel Guard

With limitations up to $1 million, AIG’s policies can be great for families. AIG’s Deluxe Travel plan includes complimentary coverage for one related child under the age of 17 with every adult enrolled in the plan, which can potentially cut your insurance expenses in half. 

Policies include $30,000 worth of accidental death and dismemberment coverage as a standard policy inclusion. It also includes higher-than-average coverage limits on missed connections, events of baggage delay and emergency evacuation expenses.

AIG offers several unique upgrades that can be especially beneficial for family travel. For example, AIG is one of the only trip cancellation coverage providers we’ve seen to offer specialized group policies for destination weddings. AIG’s Name Your Family add-on also allows you to name one non-family member to be considered a family member in the event of family-related unforeseen event coverage.

Pros and Cons of AIG Travel Guard

Add-on Options

AIG offers several unique add-ons for Deluxe plan holders, including specialized coverage for wedding travel and extended rental car coverage waiver choices. Medical evacuation coverage limits are also available up to $1 million, which is higher than many other international trip insurers.  

AIG allows customers to add the following premium upgrades to Deluxe policy coverage. 

  • Adventure sports bundle: This removes the policy exclusions that limit healthcare and emergency evacuation coverage needed when engaging in adventure activities or extreme sports.
  • CFAR coverage: Offers a 50% reimbursement on trips you cancel for any reason
  • Name your family bundle: This allows you to name a non-family member to be considered a family member if unforeseen events entitle you to reimbursement for prepaid trip plans.
  • Pet bundle: Provides you with benefits if your pet needs to be unexpectedly boarded. The pet bundle also includes a limited medical plan for cats and dogs that protects them in the event of death or injury during travel.
  • Preexisting conditions coverage

You may also have the option to add travel assistance coverage for many situations, depending on your destination. This coverage assists you in finding medical care and managing missed connections or evacuating back to your home country in an emergency.


A 35-year-old traveler taking a week-long trip with a total cost of $2,000 can typically expect to pay between $80 and $170 for trip insurance depending on coverage levels and destination. A 50-year-old traveler may expect to pay between $90 to $180 for coverage on the same trip. A family of four, including two adults aged 30 and two children under the age of 17 can expect to pay from $150 to $330 for coverage on a $4,000 trip.

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Trawick International: Our Pick for Annual Coverage

  • Our rating: 3.8 out of 5
  • BBB rating: B
  • Countries covered: 100+
  • COVID-19 coverage: Yes

Why We Chose Trawick International

Health insurance is must-have protection when staying long-term in the United States. Trawick Travel Insurance stands out for its Collegiate Care plans, which provide students studying abroad in the United States with comprehensive health insurance. 

With unlimited medical benefits, these plans mimic the coverage found with home health insurance benefits. Medical coverage is available with deductibles as low as $100, and coverage can be purchased for an entire semester with one click. These plans also treat COVID-19 like any other illness, providing unlimited benefits on most treatment plans. 

In addition to medical plans, Trawick Travel Insurance also offers evacuation-only coverage. While standard travel insurance policies are available to U.S. residents, Collegiate Care plans are limited to international residents. 

Pros and Cons of Trawick International

Add-on Options

Upgrades are not available on Collegiate Care plans.


A 35-year-old traveler from Canada visiting the United States for a four-month semester can expect to pay around $594 for entry-level Collegiate Care coverage. A 50-year-old traveler can expect to pay around the same cost for coverage.

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Travelex Insurance: Our Pick for Budget Travelers

  • Our rating: 3.8 out of 5
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Countries covered: 100+
  • COVID-19 coverage: Yes

Why We Chose Travelex Insurance

If you’re seeking travel insurance on a budget, consider Travelex’s Travel America. While Travelex’s policies are only available for plans up to two weeks in length, comprehensive coverage is available from just $60. In addition, children under the age of 17 are included with one related adult on select travel insurance policies, making Travelex an affordable choice for families.

Travel Basic coverage includes the standard protections you’ll find on any travel insurance plan, including 150% trip interruption protection. Plans also include medical and dental expense coverage up to $50,000; baggage coverage is available up to $250,000. 

Coverage on Travelex’s plans can be shared among up to eight travelers, which makes getting low-cost coverage on group trips easy. Medical evacuation coverage is available up to $1 million, and baggage claims are limited at $1,000. 

Though you’ll need to opt for the company’s higher-priced Travel Select plan to access benefits like children’s coverage and license fee reimbursement, the Travel Basic plan can fit into nearly any traveler’s budget. 

Pros and Cons of Travelex Insurance

Add-on Options

Limited options are available on Travel Basic plans. The following add-on coverages are available on Travel Select plans:

  • Adventure sports coverage 
  • CFAR coverage (Up to 50%, only available with Travel Select plan)
  • Upgrades on accidental death and dismemberments and medical coverage benefits


A 35-year-old traveler taking a week-long trip with a total cost of $2,000 can typically expect to pay between $90 and $125 for travel insurance from Travelex. Pricing for 50-year–old travelers was the same as for 35-year-old travelers when we got a quote. 

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Seven Corners Travel Insurance: Our Pick for International Travelers

  • Our rating: 3.8 out of 5
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Countries covered: 100+
  • COVID-19 coverage: Yes

Why We Chose Seven Corners Travel Insurance

Seven Corners offers long-term travel insurance that can be ideal for international travelers looking for affordable coverage. With Seven Corners, you can purchase travel insurance once and enjoy protection year-round, which is ideal for frequent travelers, expats and students living abroad for most of the year. If you’d prefer single-trip coverage, plans are available for international adventures up to 90 days. 

Seven Corners’ policies include trip delay and baggage delay benefits that kick in after just six hours, which is half the time of many other options on this list. Medical repatriation services are included on all travel insurance plans, and coverage for politically related evacuation is available up to $20,000. Policies also include 24/7 emergency and travel assistance over the phone, which can be a lifesaver for regular international travelers.

You can also quickly add coverage for domestic travel with a single click, which can be useful for regular travelers. Seven Corners’ streamlined online buying process makes comparing plans simple, and you can easily add coverage for up to 10 guests if you’re booking group travel.

Pros and Cons of Seven Corners Travel Insurance

Add-on Options

Seven Corners offers the following add-on coverages: 

  • Adventure activities coverage 
  • CFAR coverage (Varies by state of residence)
  • Collision waiver (Up to $35,000 )
  • Event ticket registration fee protection 
  • IFAR coverage
  • Sports and golf equipment rental coverage 


A 35-year-old traveler can expect to pay around $400 annually for Wander Frequent Traveler Plus coverage, which covers worldwide travel up to 30 days per year with a $0 deductible. A 50-year-old traveler will pay the same price for coverage.

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HTH Travel Insurance: Our Pick for Group Travel

  • Our rating: 3.5 out of 5
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Countries covered: 190
  • COVID-19 coverage: Yes, limited

Why We Chose HTH Travel Insurance

HTH Travel Insurance offers a variety of single and multi-trip plan options. However, it is most notable for its easy group coverage option. Add multiple group members with a single click, and access affordable group insurance at discounted rates. Group insurance includes coverages like trip interruption, medical and cancellation coverage for qualifying reasons. 

HTH is also notable for its more inclusive travel insurance policies. You can purchase a policy with or without medical insurance coverage up to 95 years of age. This can benefit senior travelers whom other insurance providers have denied due to age.  

Pros and Cons of HTH Travel Insurance

Add-on Options

HTH offers the following add-on coverages on individual and group plans. 

  • CFAR upgrade (Up to 75%)
  • Collision coverage waiver  (Up to $35,000)


A group of five 30-year-old travelers can expect to pay around $456 for their travel insurance policy issued through HTH. This equals about $91 per person, which is competitive with other travel insurance providers.

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International Medical Group: Our Pick for Medical Coverage

  • Our rating: 3.3 out of 5
  • BBB rating: B
  • Countries covered: 190+
  • COVID-19 coverage: Yes, limited

Why We Chose IMG

If you need a medical travel insurance plan with higher international benefits, International Medical Group’s (IMG) Global Medical Insurance plan is a multi-trip coverage option that provides you with long-term, worldwide health insurance. 

Plans are available for individuals and families, and policies include up to $8 million in annual medical benefits. The Global Medical Insurance plan also allows you to choose your own deductible, with options as low as $100 and as high as $25,000. You also have 15 days to review coverage and cancel if it is too much for your needs. 

IMG also offers travel insurance for single-trip plans. Policies are available with up to $1 million in emergency medical evacuation coverage and 150% of trip payment costs for trip interruptions. IMG also offers a unique “interrupted for any reason” add-on coverage choice that allows you to apply CFAR-like benefits if you need to leave your trip before its original conclusion date. 

Pros and Cons of IMG

Add-on Options

IMG’s medical insurance plans allow you to add the following riders to any coverage level. These riders extend the situations when your injuries and illnesses are covered and you’re entitled to reimbursements for medical expenses. 

  • Adventure sports waiver 
  • Interrupted for any reason (IFAR) coverage: This benefit provides cash reimbursement for unused, prepaid, nonrefundable trip and transportation costs if you must interrupt your trip after your departure date.
  • Terrorism waiver: Coverage extends to terrorist acts that have occurred within a specific number of days of your scheduled departure.


The cost of your Global Medical Insurance policy will vary depending on coverage level and selected deductible. A 35-year-old can expect to pay between $1,028 and $5,670 annually for worldwide health insurance coverage depending on deductible and included benefits. 50-year-old travelers can expect to pay between $2,768 and $18,011 for annual coverage.

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Compare Prices for Top Travel Insurance Companies

We collected quotes in the table below for a single 30-year-old traveler traveling to the United Kingdom for seven days in October 2022. The total cost of the trip was $3,000, and the traveler’s state of residence was listed as Alabama. Quotes were retrieved directly from each company’s website.

*Quote was collected in October 2022 for a group of five 30-year-old travelers traveling to the United Kingdom from the United States. Other travel details remained the same. 

‡Quote was collected in October 2022 for a single 30-year-old traveler traveling to the United States from the United Kingdom for 90 days. Other travel details remained the same.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Most travel insurance policies include a few specific protections. Some of the most common coverage you’ll find include the following. 

  • Baggage delay and loss: Compensates you for lost and delayed baggage after a certain number of hours of delay. 
  • Medical evacuation coverage: Compensates you for the cost of medical transportation if you’re injured and cannot receive adequate local care. 
  • Trip cancellation protection: Compensates you for your nonrefundable trip payment to your hotel, airline, cruise and other vendors if you’re forced to cancel your trip for a covered reason
  • Trip interruption protection: Compensates you for nonrefundable trip expenses if you’re forced to leave your vacation early for a covered reason. 

Popular Add-Ons

  • Cancel-for-any-reason (CFAR) coverage: When you claim reimbursement through your travel insurance policy, you’ll need to prove why you’re canceling. With a CFAR upgrade, you can cancel your trip for any reason and still claim a percentage reimbursement on nonrefundable costs. 
  • Collision coverage waiver: Extends your rental car coverage to include collision damage. 
  • Financial default: This type of coverage applies if your airline, resort, or other trip vendor declares bankruptcy.
  • Preexisting conditions waiver: Health conditions that show symptoms before you buy travel insurance are excluded from most standard policies. You can sometimes extend your coverage to waive preexisting condition exclusions. 



What’s Not Covered by Travel Insurance?

Even the best travel insurance policy won’t include coverage for everything. Some limitations you’re likely to find on your travel insurance policy may include the following. 

  • Cancellations for non-covered reasons: Unless you have CFAR insurance, you’ll need to provide proof that you’re canceling your trip for a covered reason to earn a reimbursement. 
  • Extreme sports: Most travel insurance policies include clauses that deny medical reimbursements if you’re injured participating in an extreme sport (like bungee jumping or scuba diving). 
  • Preexisting conditions: Unless you’re approved for a waiver, medical insurance on travel policies will not cover preexisting health issues showing symptoms before you signed up for coverage. 

Review the fine print of your individual coverage for a complete list of inclusions and exclusions. 



How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance Policy

When selecting a travel insurance policy, consider the following factors. 

  • Approved cancellations: Be sure to know when you’ll qualify for reimbursement through your policy before buying. If you want coverage for a potentially-foreseeable event, look for an insurance provider that offers CFAR upgrades.
  • Cost: When considering cost, look at more than just your premium. Be sure that any coinsurance or deductible on your medical insurance coverage is affordable and that your reimbursement percentages are worth the expense. 
  • Coverage limits: The most inclusive travel insurance policies include 100% reimbursement for nonrefundable trip costs and at least 125% coverage for trip interruptions. If you’re planning a high-value trip, you may want to look for a provider with higher per-person limits. 

You’ll also want to review the coverages you already have before shopping. For example, American Express and many other credit cards include some rental car coverage, and many homeowners insurance policies protect you against theft abroad. 



Travel Insurance and COVID-19

Most travel insurance policies we’ve reviewed offer limited coverage for COVID-19. These plans treat COVID-19 like any other illness under medical insurance. If you become sick while traveling or before you leave and are forced to adjust your travel plans, your coverage may come into effect. However, most standard policies do not cover fear of a new COVID-19 strain as a qualifying cancellation reason.

If you’re in a group at a higher risk of COVID-19 and believe a new strain might affect your travel plan, consider upgrading to CFAR insurance. CFAR insurance extends your benefits to situations like fear of flying or illness.



The Bottom Line: Best Travel Insurance

The best travel insurance will vary depending on your budget, the price of your trips and your coverage needs. Get a quote from at least three competing travel insurance providers before investing in coverage. We recommend getting a quote from each one of the providers listed above. Every travel insurance company uses its own formula to determine how much you’ll pay for coverage, which means that the only way to know you’re getting the best price is to know what’s out there. 

Methodology: Our System for Ranking the Best Travel Insurance Companies

Our team surveyed dozens of travel insurance providers and created a scoring system to judge each company’s quality and service. We reached out for sample quotes, both over the phone and on the internet, to simulate an authentic customer experience. Here are the factors that account for our provider reviews:

  • Plan availability (20%): We looked for insurers with a variety of plans and the ability to customize the policy with upgrades.
  • Coverage (40%): Among the benefits scored were medical expenses, medical and nonmedical evacuation, COVID-19 coverage, preexisting condition exclusion waivers, “cancel for any reason” coverage, trip interruption, travel delay time requirements, baggage delay time requirements, baggage reimbursement and financial default of a travel supplier. Special consideration was given to companies offering unique add-ons, such as extreme sports coverage, coverage for business equipment and pet coverage.
  • Customer service and support (30%): We looked for indicators that a company is well-prepared to respond to customer needs. Companies with an established global resource network, a 24/7 emergency hotline, robust mobile apps and perks like concierge and translation services scored higher.
  • Reputation (10%): We gauge reputation by evaluating consumer reviews, third-party financial strength and customer experience ratings, specifically from AM Best and the Better Business Bureau.