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11 Best Vacation Spots For Boys-Only Trips (11 For Girls-Only Trips)

11 Best Vacation Spots For Boys-Only Trips (11 For Girls-Only Trips)

After popular movies like The Hangover and Girl’s Trip, we’ve all wanted to go on our own vacation with our best buds. Maybe you’ve just graduated college and want to go on one last extravaganza before settling down to a standard nine-to-five job. Or it’s the last weekend before you get married and it is time for the bachelor/bachelorette party. Perhaps it has just been a while since you have seen some of your friends and you want to catch up. Whatever the reason, it’s road trip time! So, pull out those phones and ring up your friends from wherever they are around the world. It’s time to meet up and relive the heydays!

For the guys, we have incredible outdoor adventures like rock climbing and whitewater rafting. If you want something more low-key, we have some beautiful golf resorts where you can refine your drive.

For the gals, we’ve got margaritas, sunsets, and infinity pools. There are also luxurious spas and massages to relax your body and mind. We didn’t forget about the shopping opportunities either!

That being said, if you’re a guy looking for some pampering or a girl wanting some adventure, nothing is stopping you from hopping onto the bandwagon for any of these trips! From lush hotels and cruises to wilderness and adventure, here are eleven awesome places for “boys only” trips and eleven for “girls only” trips.

UPDATE: 2022/11/13 09:23 EST BY AARON SPRAY

More Great Places For Boys & Girls Only Trips.

Sometimes the guys want to hang with the guys and the girls with the girls. There are plenty of great ideas all around the world for bonding and memorable activities to have together. This list was updated with more trip ideas for the guys and gals. Also, many of these ideas may be enjoyed by everyone (e.g. Nashville is a bachelor party destination as well as a great one for bachelorettes!).

22/22 Coeur D’Alene Casino Resort Hotel – “Guys Only” Trip

When you’re thinking of an epic adventure, Idaho probably isn’t the first place to come to mind. But you would be missing out if you didn’t check out the Coeur D’Alene Casino Resort Hotel. The resort is beautifully set against a lush pine forest and offers everything you need for a “guys only” trip. They’ve got an incredible golf course, luxury spa, drool-worthy food, and their casino. You’ll really feel like a man when you visit the buffalo farm that’s next door and eat a bison burger in the crisp outdoors. Does it get any more manly than that?

21/22 Spruce Point Inn Resort & Spa – “Girls Only” Trip

The ladies are going to love staying at the Spruce Point Inn located in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The stunning resort overlooks the gorgeous, rugged coastline of Maine. You can enjoy deep tissue massages, organic facials, body polishes, and mani-pedis at this resort. If you feel like going out and enjoying the water, the resort offers sailing as an activity. If not, you can relax in the hot tub or private decks and just enjoy the beautiful view. The food is all locally sourced and organic, and the seafood is as fresh as it can be. You and your girlfriends will be reluctantly leaving this place rejuvenated and relaxed.

20/22 Antlers At Vail – “Guys Only” Trip

If you and your friends are outdoor lovers, then this is the perfect mancation trip. You can go biking through the adrenaline pumping Vail Pass, plunge through a mountain canyon on a zip line, or visit during the winter and ski the world-class slopes. The resort is only too happy to accommodate any of your needs whether it’s to borrow a GoPro to record your awesome zip line adventure or an espresso machine in the room to kick-start your day. You and your buddies will thoroughly exhaust yourself on the many experiences and then be able to come back to an already-prepped fridge of cold ones and bratwurst.

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19/22 Charleston, South Carolina – “Girls Only” Trip

We know what the two most important things are on a “girls only” trip—food and shopping. You can get plenty of these when you visit Charleston. The historic downtown is lined in stores and more restaurants than you can choose from. From good ol’ classic southern food to posh bars with fresh oysters and seafood, Charleston is a food lover’s paradise. Market Street has an incredible open-air market that features handmade art, jewelry, and southern goods. Once you get tired of shopping, if that’s possible, you can hit up one of the many beaches and enjoy some time in the sun.

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18/22 Barbados – “Guys Only” Trip

If you want to have the most EPIC bachelor party ever, then you need to book a trip for you and guy friends to Barbados ASAP. You can show off your surfing and windsurfing skills (or lack thereof) at the beaches during the day. There are also beautiful golf resorts that you can play at. You can even tour and sample sugar and rum factories. At night, you can go out and enjoy the plentiful nightlife opportunities. An island that advertises itself as the place where summer never ends sounds like the place we all want to be!

17/22 Sonoma County – “Girls Only” Trip

Magnificent views, rolling landscapes, 50 state and regional parks, and 425 wineries sound perfect to us. Visiting the Sonoma County would be an ideal girl’s weekend trip. You can cruise down Highway 1 and enjoy the view of crashing waves and dazzling sunsets. There a ton of spas and resorts that line the county and even more restaurants that offer farm-to-table menus. If you want to get a bit more city life involved, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge is not too far away. There’s a reason why Sonoma County is considered the best part of Northern California!

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16/22 Wildman Whitewater Ranch – “Guys Only” Trip

We don’t quite understand the appeal of a game that involves shooting hard paint-filled balls at each other but to each his own! At the Wildman Whitewater Ranch, men can reconnect with your inner 10-year-olds. The ranch offers packages that include an all-out paintball war and some whitewater rafting opportunities. Once you’ve tired yourself out, you can relax by fishing and swimming in the river. If you want to reconnect with nature, there are several beautiful hiking trails that you can take. There are two options that you can choose. You and your buddies can go all-out and camp at the campsites or stay in comfortable cabins that include everything you’ll need. Out here, you can play in the dirt and avoid showering for a long as you want to!

15/22 Caribbean Cruise – “Girls Only” Trip

Cruises are fantastic because everything you could possibly want during a vacation is right at your fingertips. Even better is that usually, once you pay for your ticket, everything is included. A cruise is the perfect bachelorette party. A week of sailing the gorgeous blue waters of the Caribbean while enjoying unlimited food and drinks and getting the ideal glow sounds absolutely heavenly. Once on board, you can enjoy the spas, pools, and restaurants with no worries about transportation. Stops at different ports let you enjoy some exotic destinations too. You and your girlfriends can swim with dolphins, sea turtles, and manta rays. You can go snorkeling among the coral reefs and enjoy scrumptious seafood! We’re ready to hop on the boat right now!

14/22 Hotel Casa Velas In Puerto Vallarta – “Guys Only” Trip

This “adult only” resort seems like a perfect paradise for guys. Not only is the resort absolutely stunning, but you also get the best of both worlds! You can either go and visit miles of stunning pristine beaches or hit a few holes at any of the three Puerto Vallarta golf courses. At night, there are plenty of entertainment opportunities such as a class to learn how to roll your own cigars, various tasting seminars, and even cocktail making classes. There is no way you and your friends will be disappointed in anything the resort has to offer. Just be careful when you arrive. The free-roaming peacocks might give you a bit of a surprise!

13/22 New York – “Girls Only” Trip

There are so many choices for a fun outing with your best friends in New York. Whether you want to hit up some artisan clothing shops, cute cafes, and bistros in Brooklyn or popping nightclubs and snazzy restaurants in Manhattan, your options are limitless. Of course, if you and your girls are shopaholics, you have to hit up 5th Avenue and wander through the plethora of luxury boutiques. Stroll through Central Park after lunch before continuing your shopping. Then, after a delicious dinner, you can go to Broadway and enjoy a show before seeing what else the city that never sleeps has to offer.

12/22 Las Vegas – “Guys Only” Trip

There is little need to explain the allure of Las Vegas for a group of guys with money to spend. But, aside from the normal activities, there are a few that not everyone knows about. Did you know that you and your friends can drive a Lamborghini on a racetrack? Now that is one intense bachelor party activity! Before you go out and party all night in the flashy city, spend the day at the tracks racing with your pals in your choice out of five different Lamborghini models. If you all are EDM music lovers, hit up the EDC festival that comes every year. Now that’s an experience!

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11/22 Greek Islands Women’s Adventure – “Girls Only” Trip

REI Adventures organizes several “women only” trips that are all over the world—one that we think looks amazing is the Greek Islands Women’s Adventure. For 8 days, you and your friends get to travel the Mediterranean islands. Explore the ruins in Athens, watch the sunset in Santorini, learn how to cook a Greek meal, and reach inner peace with beach yoga. The trip is packed full of fantastic activities that you and your besties will thoroughly enjoy. The tour is focused on hiking and yoga, but there are plenty of opportunities to eat delicious Mediterranean cuisine, shop, and see all the historic sites on the islands.

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10/22 Mexico – “Guys Only” Trip

Mexico just seems like the place to be if you want to have a fun and exciting trip. With resorts like the Velas Resorts, you and your bros will be sitting in the lap of luxury. Some of the resorts even offer incredible “surf & turf” packages. You’ll be able to go on a six-hour deep-sea fishing expedition, and all your catches will be prepared later that night by the resort chef. Don’t worry, the “turf” isn’t you hunting down your own cow. Instead, you can enjoy several rounds of golf at various championship courses. Alongside the incredible city life and beaches, there are almost too many things for you and friends to do.

9/22 Hawaii – “Girls Only” Trip

This is a trip purely to indulge the senses. Whether you and your girlfriends decide to book yourselves a fabulous resort or you all decide to save a little by getting an Airbnb, there is no wrong way of doing Hawaii. Miles and miles of beautiful white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and sunny skies, this is the ultimate vacation. You can take surfing or kite surfing lessons, lay on the beach, or hike the lush forests. Even better is the culinary delights that await you. The Asian-Pacific cuisine will be sure to amaze. You can relax at the numerous spas that are scattered throughout and just enjoy yourself with your best friends.

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8/22 Villa Cappelli – “Guys Only” Trip

Alright, gentlemen, this seems like the perfect dad’s trip to us—a week in Italy in your own private villa. That’s right. At Villa Cappelli, guys can relax and indulge in all that Italy has to offer. The villa is available for rent for a day, week, and longer. You can enjoy wine tastings, learn how to make cheese, explore the neighboring towns, wander the countryside, or just relax at the pool. A week with your best friends away from the stress of ringing phones and demanding bosses sounds absolutely fantastic to us. The villa has 10 beautiful bedrooms and can sleep up to 20 people. With so much space, you can bring as many friends as you want!

7/22 NIZUC Resort & Spa – “Girls Only” Trip

Located in Cancun, Mexico, this fabulous resort is probably not what you’re expecting. Cancun is a popular spring break destination for obvious reasons, but NIZUC Resort & Spa doesn’t fall into the stereotypical spring break craziness. Instead, this resort is all about relaxation and tranquility. You and your gals can enjoy spa treatments that involve local herbs, Mayan healing rituals, and therapeutic massages. The swim-up bar in the middle of the pool isn’t offering watered-down shots. Instead, it provides fresh juices made from local organic produces. Indulge with your girlfriends at the pool or head into the city for some fun and sights. There’s plenty more to do than just drinking and going wild!

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6/22 West Coast Fishing Club – “Guys Only” Trip

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, then we’ve found the ultimate weekend getaway for you and your fishing pals. The West Coast Fishing Club offers the most inclusive fishing trip ever. You and your friends will have to board a private charter helicopter to get to one of the three private fishing lodges nestled on the coast of Canada. The lodges have pool tables, hot tubs, basketball courts, and unlimited drinks. There is a fleet of fishing boats ready to take you out to catch some insanely big fish, and the club will even clean and pack all your catches, so you can take them back with you later. For meals, they also provide private chefs to cater to your every whim.

5/22 South Africa Ultimate Women’s Adventure & Safari – “Girls Only” Trip

Who says guys get to have all the fun? Well, they’re wrong, because this trip is strictly for girls only. Organized by REI Women’s Adventures, this trip is designed for women and guided by women and is for the energetic soul. Guests will get to hike, cycle, sea kayak, and go on a wildlife safari. There won’t be any men claiming to be the manliest as they attempt to light a fire. The knowledgeable female safari guide will be there to make sure that the trip goes smoothly for you and your friends. You and the girls will trek from Township to Savanna and see the magnificent views. From kayaking among penguins to hiking up Table Mountain, this is a thrilling action-packed adventure.

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4/22 Grand Canyon Dories – “Guys Only” Trip

Have you ever watched the movie Without a Paddle? It’s the one where three guys try to go on an epic treasure hunt up a river only to have it go terribly wrong. Well, let’s not recreate that. However, you and your gang can paddle your way through the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon Dories offers river trips that can last up to two weeks. You’ll paddle through some incredible sites, and you don’t need to worry about getting lost since a guide will be with you the whole time. This trip will be a great bonding experience for you and your friends. It’s an excellent way to get close to your father-in-law, wouldn’t you say?

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3/22 Paris – “Girls Only” Trip

Paris may be the City of Love, but no one said that you can only go if you’re a couple! Aside from being the city of romance, this city is also famous for food and fashion. Sounds like the perfect girl’s trip to us. Book a stay at any fabulous hotel within the Golden Triangle, the three main streets of Paris, and enjoy gorgeous views and access to all the stores. You and your girlfriends can wear out your heels strutting down the streets of Paris as you enter store after store. Once you all are tired, you ladies can relax at a café with some espresso and macaroons.