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15 Best Things to Do in Orange Beach, Alabama

15 Best Things to Do in Orange Beach, Alabama

Best Things to Do in Orange Beach: Dip your toes in soft white sands as a cool ocean breeze wafts through your hair, with turquoise blue waters playing with your toes. This is one of the endless special experiences that a vacation in Orange Beach offers. 

Orange Beach is a small city on the Gulf shore, where you can find eight-plus miles of beachfront, lush green parks, abundant wildlife, and a vibrant entertainment scene. 

Whether you’re on a family vacation, a romantic retreat, or a solo adventure, you’ll find some great activities to enjoy in this south beach Alabama city for a memorable time.

To help you create the perfect itinerary, we’ve got the ultimate list of the best things to do in Orange Beach, Alabama for an epic vacation.

Dive in!

Go Hiking on the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail

Explore the natural treasures of Orange Beach as you follow this trail that goes through calm freshwater lakes, wetlands, and coastal swamps.

Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail

The area abounds in wildlife including white-tailed deer, otters, alligators, wild boar, coyotes, and different species of birds.

You can find interpretive signs along the way to identify the flora & fauna in this beautiful place. 

Enjoy fishing at Orange Beach Waterfront Park 

Located on Wolf Bay, this park is known for its 400-foot-long fishing pier, attracting many visitors.

fishing at Orange Beach Waterfront Park 

The park also features picnic pavilions, a kids’ playground, BBQ grills, and a jungle gym, offering a plethora of activities for a fun family outing.

There’s even an art gallery that you can check out. 

Explore the Wharf

The entertainment hub of Orange Beach is perfect for a lively evening. You’ll find an array of restaurants, shops, a movie theatre, a Ferris Wheel, and numerous events regularly held here.


With so many offerings, there is something here for everyone. 

Catch the glorious Alabama Gulf Coast Sunset

Watch the horizon fill with red, orange, and gold hues as the sun sets on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Things to Do in Orange Beach
Alabama Gulf Coast Sunset

If you’re traveling with your partner, this is one of the most romantic things to do in Orange Beach, Alabama. 

Go for an adrenaline-boosting ride at Adventure Island

Home to a mini golf course, a go-kart course, and plenty of thrilling rides, this amusement park offers fun family time.

adrenaline-boosting ride at Adventure Island

Try your hand at various games in its state-of-the-art arcade with more than a hundred games or see who performs best at the laser tag course.

Go on a Dolphin Cruise 

The Fun Boat Dolphin Cruises offers an enjoyable ride where you’ll spot beautiful dolphins in the bays of Orange Beach & Gulf Shores.

Dolphin Cruise

Soak in the beauty of these exquisite creatures as you watch them travel with their families around the boat.

After enjoying this, the kids get to have water wars with squirt guns for a fun outing. 

Click selfies at Cool Shots Selfie Museum

Looking for something unique?

Head to this quirky museum where you can click some amazing pictures against their impressive collection of backdrops.

You can also create some cool artsy stuff in their Splat rooms. 

Step back in time at Orange Beach Indian & Sea Museum

If you’re a history buff, you’ll love it here. Housed in a 100-year-old schoolhouse, this museum offers a peek into the life of Native Americans of the region.

Orange Beach Indian & Sea Museum

Check out the local artefacts and memorabilia to better understand their way of life. 

Take a swing at Beachside Mini Golf 

Love to golf?

Head to this cool Beachside Mini Golf Course which is impeccably designed around pieces such as a fishing boat, a 50-foot lighthouse & waterfalls.

Beachside Mini Golf

The golf course is handicap accessible and suitable for all ages.

What’s more?

You can also check out its ‘fun mining zone’ to hunt for fossils and gemstones. 

Unwind in nature at Gulf State Park Nature Centre

Get to know about the rich flora & fauna of the Gulf Coast Region in this State Park. Join in for guided beach, nature or pier walks to learn about the fascinating natural variety that abounds in the region. 

Relax at Alabama Point East 

Rejuvenate your senses as you spend time amidst nature at Alabama Point East. It features boardwalks, picnic areas, sand dunes & shower facilities for an enjoyable time.

The Sea Oats habitat is perfect for birding & fishing.

You can also find numerous animals here including the Perdido Key Beach Mouse. 

Dig into delicious seafood at Lartigue’s Fresh Seafood Market

If you love freshly caught seafood, this is the perfect place. This family-owned business from 1979 also serves steamed seafood with a side of your choice.

Lartigue’s Fresh Seafood Market

Planning a picnic on the beach? Get your picnic basket and they will fill it up with delectable flavourful food. 

Have fun at Fat Daddy’s Arcade 

There is never a dull moment at Fat Daddy’s Arcade. Try your hand at their eighty-plus high-tech arcade games, some with popular themes such as the Walking Dead, Fruit Ninja & Jurassic Park for a fun afternoon.

Fat Daddy’s Arcade 

What’s more?

There are some great prizes so get your competitive spirit on. 

Experience the thrill at Breakout Games 

This 60-minute escape experience is sure to become a memory you’ll take home to cherish.

Breakout Games 

Choose from their realistically designed themes such as The Hostage, the Kidnapping, the Island Escape, the Runaway Train, and much more. 

This is a must-do on your list if you’re travelling with a large group.

Hit the target at Civil Axe Throwing 

Seeking some adrenaline rush? Learn how to throw an axe from the professionals here & try your hand at it.

You can even compete with your group and see who strikes the bull’s eye. 

With so many offerings, there is something for everyone in this south Alabama beach city. So, get your travel bags out & head to this amazing place for a memorable holiday. 

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Q. What is Orange Beach Alabama known for? 

It is known for its charming beaches, lively amusement parks, beautiful nature trails & a host of events. 

Q. What is the prettiest beach in Alabama? 

Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are amongst Alabama’s prettiest beaches. 

Q. What beach has the clearest water in Alabama?

Fort Morgan Beach is known to have the clearest waters in Alabama.

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