May 30, 2024

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25 Top Destinations for Sun Worshipers

25 Top Destinations for Sun Worshipers

No doubt about it, the pandemic changed the way many people approach travel.

Despite the complications of Covid and frequent flight cancellations, many travelers have reprioritized and are looking for that once-in-a lifetime vacation, according to an American Express  (AXP) – Get American Express Company Report travel survey from February. The survey found that 55{0b5b04b8d3ad800b67772b3dcc20e35ebfd293e6e83c1a657928cfb52b561f97} of respondents want to book a once-in-a-lifetime vacation this year, and 74{0b5b04b8d3ad800b67772b3dcc20e35ebfd293e6e83c1a657928cfb52b561f97} are willing to book a trip for 2022 even if they might have to cancel or modify it later.