June 23, 2024

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3 Recommended Books That Are Fun To Read When Traveling

3 Recommended Books That Are Fun To Read When Traveling

3 Recommended Books That Are Fun To Read When Traveling

3 Recommended Books to Read When Traveling – Wherever I go, I always put at least one book in my bag. I believe books can be a pleasant travel companion. Not only when I’m travelling far away, going to the mall or going to the office, but there’s also always a book in my bag. I protested, “Why do you bring books when travelling? It’s not even read.” Sometimes, there is some truth to it, but not completely. I brought a book with me so that I can still get used to reading anywhere and anytime.

Just like some time ago, the train journey which took approximately 9 hours made me bored to death. Who can save me but music and sleep? Yes, books. Usually, I take no more than two books when I travel. I prefer physical books to electronic books because personally, physical books are more fun to read.

Although, electronic books that can be read on the Kindle, are more efficient, don’t take up too much space, and can certainly contain lots of books. Well, for those of you who are going on a trip, wherever it is, why not try bringing a book? Confused about what book to bring, huh?. Here, I will give you a little leak about recommended books that are fun to read while travelling.

3. Recommendations For Books That Are Fun To Read while travelling

The Gambler – Biography of Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian

The first book I recommend to you is biography of billionaire Kirk Kerkorian. This book tells about Kirk Kerkorian, he is one of the United States billionaires who is very generous and often helps people around him and always puts the needs of others first. Indeed, besides Kirk Kerkorian, a reliable businessman, he has a generous heart. For example, Kirk Kerkorian has volunteered to make large donations to the Armenian community during times of disaster.

Kirk Kerkorian is also a risk taker, aviator, and film mogul in his business career. Kirk did make all of his fortunes from Kirk’s many businesses. Including the main company called Tracinda Corporation. Which led to investment and establishment of international resorts. As a result, Kirk pushed the transformation of Las Vegas into more advanced and prosperous. This made him the top financial giant in the United States. This is a brief excerpt about the contents of Kirk Kerkorian’s Biography of Billionaire book.

Alchemy: Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life

The next book I recommend for you is Alchemy by Rory Sutherland. This book helps you to know the behaviour of customers or other people in business and everyday life. Much customer behaviour remains a mystery even in a world built on economic models and logical methodologies. In Rory Sutherland’s Alchemy, you’ll see how to apply creative thinking to explain seemingly inexplicable behaviour and also learn that some behaviours are more obvious than you think.
Identifying phenomena is only part of the journey – you’ll also learn how to let go of all parts of you (and most of the consumer’s brain) to solve complex consumer behaviour problems. I recommend this book to you because it can help you to study consumer behaviour and help you make informed decisions.

The Long Tail book

The next book as well as the last recommended book for you is The Long Tail book. I recommend this book to you because it can help you in marketing your business or selling online through the digital world or SEO. The Long Tail is a book on SEO written by Chris Anderson. He looks at the concept of a long tail business and how it affects a niche market. He has presented long-tail ideas in web e-commerce settings in an interesting way with broad examples that stretch as far as the world of entertainment & music. From time to time the internet has developed very rapidly, so having a business or internet shop is the right decision for you to do business. In addition, internet stores can accommodate an unlimited number of products compared to physical stores, where there is a limit to the number of products stored in internet stores.

That’s all from me, I hope my book recommendations are helpful for you to read while travelling on vacation or relaxing. Hopefully useful and provide good information for you to read.