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5 Best Travel Insurance Options for The USA

5 Best Travel Insurance Options for The USA

Whether it is for a long-planned trip or a spontaneous getaway, travel insurance saves you money and time if your plans go awry. It is best to get you and your family insured for a stress-free vacation. 

Planning an American holiday? 

To help you choose a robust policy from a trusted agency that covers a
range of potential issues, we have curated a list of the best travel
insurance options for the USA.  

Allianz Travel Insurance #1

Whether you’re planning to get coverage for a single trip or looking for insurance as a frequent traveller, Allianz Travel Insurance got you covered. You can choose from a range of 10 travel insurance plans as per your needs. They also offer an annual insurance plan if you go on multiple trips. 

Its most popular plan is the One Trip Prime plan. It provides trip cancellation coverage for up to $100,000, emergency medical coverage for $50,000, trip interruption coverage for up to $150,00, and baggage loss coverage for up to $1000 amongst other benefits. Traveling with a kid? This plan covers children aged 17 and less for free when traveling with a parent or grandparent.

5 Best Travel Insurance Options for The USA for a Hassle-free Holiday
Source: Allianz Travel Insurance

If you wish to get additional coverage, you can customize the plan accordingly. To ensure that your policy management is smooth and convenient, the company has a smartphone app that enables you to manage your plan from your mobile. There’s also a 24-hour assistance hotline in case you face any issues. 

Generali Global Assistance #2

Travelling for a premium sporting tour or competition? You can opt for the Generali Global Assistance insurance plan. There are three different types of plans that you can customize as per your needs. These include a Standard plan which includes coverage for trip cancellation, delay, interruption along with baggage, emergency medical assistance, and evacuation. Missed a flight due to bad weather? This plan provides a missed connection coverage of $500 per person and also reimburses you for meals and lodging during your delay. 

Source: Irisidentityprotection

The preferred plan covers everything that the standard plan does but with higher coverage. There are also some additional coverages, such as sports equipment if gets damaged or stolen. To get 100{0b5b04b8d3ad800b67772b3dcc20e35ebfd293e6e83c1a657928cfb52b561f97} reimbursement for your sports gear, make sure you save its receipt. 

The company’s premium travel insurance plan is especially suited to international travellers who are going for expensive activities or cruises. This plan provides all the benefits of the preferred plan with higher coverage limits and some additional benefits such as ‘cancel for any reason coverage’ and pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver provided that you purchase your plan before or within 24 hours of making your final trip payment. 

World Nomads Travel Insurance #3

Planning an adventurous escapade? Consider opting for World Nomads Travel Insurance plans. While most travel insurance companies don’t cover high-risk adventure activities, this one covers more than 200. 

There are two types of plans to choose from, the Standard and the Explorer. If budget is a constraint, you can opt for the Standard plan which provides pre and post-departure coverages such as trip cancellation, delay, and interruption as well as emergency medical assistance, emergency evacuation, baggage, and personal effects coverage. It also includes medical assistance and evacuation if you’re injured while participating in adventure sports such as mountain biking, bungee jumping, and parasailing. 

Source: Getty Images / Tuul & Bruno Morandi

If you wish to go for more extreme activities like scuba diving, cliff jumping and free soloing, opt for the explorer plan. It comes with all the benefits of the standard plan with higher coverages and a few extra benefits. With so many offerings, it had to make it to our list of the best travel insurance options for the USA.  

Travelex Insurance Services #4

If you’re traveling with your family and looking for a budget-friendly insurance plan, consider Travelex.

You can choose from 4 plans: Travel Basic Plan, Travel Select Plan, Travel America Plan, and Travel Med Plan. 

The Travel basic plan provides pre and post-departure coverages with benefits including trip cancellation, delay & interruption along with emergency medical assistance, evacuation, baggage, and personal effects coverage. If you purchase a travel basic plan within 15 days of your first trip payment, you can get coverage that includes financial default. This implies that you’ll get reimbursement if your airline, cruise line, or tour operator goes bankrupt. This also includes cancellation if you have to work during the trip dates. 

If you choose the Travel Select Plans, you’ll get ‘Cancel for any reason’ coverage, adventure sports coverage, and higher medical expense limits along with all the benefits of the basic plan. This also offers coverage for children under 17 for free.  

If you’re a domestic traveller in the US, you can go for the Travel America plan. It is ideal for taking a trip not exceeding 14 days. This plan includes all the standard kinds of coverage as provided by the Basic & Select plans with some differences in the coverage limit. Additionally, this plan offers $1,000 in emergency pet medical expenses, with a $50 deductible. So, get your furry friend along without any stress. 

Going for a spur-of-the-moment getaway with no prior planning? Go for the Travel Med plan. It offers post-departure benefits with primary coverage limits, ideal for a spontaneous vacation. 

Here’s an additional reading by Cover Trip for you to get more insights about Travelex Insurance.

AIG Travel #5

Offering three different types of travel insurance plans, AIG Travel offers something for every traveller. Its Annual plan is for all trips in a one-year span, the Pack N’ Go plan is best for last-minute trips and the single trip plan is for a specific single trip (of which there are three levels). 

The Travel Guard Essential Plan is a budget-friendly plan that includes coverage for trip cancellation & interruption, medical expenses of up to $15000, baggage delay of up to $200, and trip delay of up to $500 among other benefits. There are Preferred & Deluxe levels of this plan which offer higher coverages & additional benefits. If you’re travelling with a pet, going for a destination wedding, or an adventurous vacation, you can add on optional bundles in the Travel Guard Deluxe plan. 

5 Best Travel Insurance Options for The USA for a Hassle-free Holiday

The Travel Guard Pack N’ Go plan is ideal for last-minute travellers. It doesn’t cover trip cancellation but does provide coverage for delays and missed connections amongst other standard coverages. 

If you take multiple trips in a year, opt for the Travel Guard Annual plan. It provides coverage for trip interruption & delay, missed connection, emergency medical assistance, baggage delay, dental assistance, and emergency evacuation. 

Choose a travel insurance plan tailored to your needs and enjoy your holiday hassle-free. 

Stay tuned for more such tips for your next vacation!


Is it worth buying visitor insurance in the USA?

USA’s medical services are quite expensive. A travel insurance plan will help you save money & time for a stress-free vacation. 

How much travel insurance is enough for the USA?

Travel insurance with minimum coverage of $50,000 is usually recommended.

Which travel insurance is best for USA travel?

Travelex, Allianz Travel, and World Nomad Travel provide some of the best travel insurance plans.

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