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Advantages of Mason Elephant Park Bali

Advantages of Mason Elephant Park Bali

Advantages of Mason Elephant Park Bali

Bali is one of the regions in Indonesia which is filled with various tourist destinations with their respective advantages. Of the many tourist destinations in Bali, Mason Elephant Park is one of the best.

Basically, this elephant sanctuary bali is a Sumatran elephant sanctuary that is open for tourists. So, it is not surprising that this tourist destination is always crowded with visitors at any time.

4 Main Advantages of Mason Elephant Park Bali

This Bali tourist destination is located in the Gianyar area or more precisely on Elephant Safari Park Street, Banjar Taro Village, Tegallalang, Gianyar, Bali. For tourists who want to visit this place, they can reach the location very easily.

In addition, this tourist destination also has a variety of attractions that makes it different from other tourist destinations in Bali. In this article, we will share some of them:

  1. Elephant Museum and Education Centre

There are still some people who mistakenly think that this tourist spot is quite similar to other zoos. However, Mason Elephant Park Bali is not a common zoo.

In this Sumatran elephant breeding centre, visitors can deepen their knowledge more broadly. Because, this place presents an elephant museum and education centre which is very useful. So, this place is suitable to be visited with family.

  1. Supported by Professional Guide

When tourists visit Mason Elephant Park Bali, they will be accompanied by a guide on every walk. Tourists can walk around to meet the elephants while listening to a complete explanation regarding the elephants themselves.

Starting from the origin, nature, behaviours, habits, to how to conserve elephants will be explained by the guides at the place.

  1. Preserving Sumatran Elephants

By visiting this place, you are helping the elephant perseverance program that is being carried out in that place. Later, some of the funds generated from this program will be used to preserve the elephants.

  1. Close to Many Interesting Public Facilities

Often times, visitors who want to visit this place for 2 days in a row, stay at one of the hotels located close to the place itself.

In this case, the location of Mason Elephant Park Bali itself is actually close to some of the top hotels in Bali, so that visitors can choose a hotel according to their preferences.

In accordance with what we have said, Mason Elephant Park Bali has a variety of advantages that are quite complete. So, you can decide whether you want to spend your vacation here.