May 30, 2024

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Expedia Has Big Savings for All Your Set-Jetting Dreams

Expedia Has Big Savings for All Your Set-Jetting Dreams

Travel inspiration can come from anywhere, like books, magazines, social media, TV, or movies, — but travelers are quickly making the latter two sources of wanderlust the top travel trend of 2023. That’s according to research conducted by Expedia which found that 39 percent of travelers have gone on a trip after feeling inspired by a movie or show they watched at home. It’s a trend known as “set-jetting,” and vacationers are flying both domestically and internationally to experience the cities, beaches, and cultures they’ve seen on-screen. 

Take Emily in Paris, for example. Seeing the City of Lights through Emily Cooper’s eyes and Instagram feed may have cultivated (or increased) a desire to follow in her footsteps. If you’re one of the 4.1 million people who tuned into the finale of the second season of White Lotus, there’s a good chance you immediately searched “luxury hotels in Italy.” And if you found a good deal, we hope you booked the trip right then and there. 

Sometimes, though, set-jetting to the exact places where movies and shows are filmed or set isn’t always doable, either because they aren’t real or they’re too expensive (we’re looking at you, Four Seasons San Domenico Palace, the $2,500-per-night resort where the White Lotus filmed), but you can book something that gives off the same vibes with a lower price tag — especially if you belong to Expedia’s free rewards program

After signing up, you’ll have access to exclusive discounts on hotels, flights, and travel packages to fulfill your set-jetting desires – and you’ll save plenty of money along the way. We found five top travel destinations that set-jetters are booking this year and ways you can visit them on a non-Hollywood budget with an Expedia membership below.

New York City Travel Deals — As Seen in Succession

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With the highly-anticipated final season of Succession premiering in March, New York City will be on many travelers’ radars. The Roy family may be the show’s main characters, but the city plays the perfect foil to their drama. Anyone visiting the Big Apple who wants to get a true feel for their world should head downtown. And while you may want to live like a Roy, you might not have the same bank account balance. Thankfully, the timeless Walker Hotel Tribeca is offering 30 percent off on select dates this spring, and the SoHo Grand Hotel also has select rooms marked down by 21 percent for Expedia Rewards members.

United Kingdom Travel Deals — As Seen in Bridgerton

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If there’s one location every fan of Bridgerton should have on their list, it’s Bath. A two-hour train ride from London, the small city is full of boutique properties with a distinctive Georgian flair. Expedia Rewards members can save 10 percent on select rooms inside No.15 by GuestHouse, Bath (right down the street from the exterior of Lady Danbury’s grand home), or 20 percent on accommodations at The Queensbury Hotel — which guests deem “beautifully appointed,” “stylish,” and “fabulous.” There are also plenty of London travel packages — with heavy discounts on flights and hotels — to choose from if you want to extend your vacation.

Hawaii Travel Deals — As Seen in White Lotus 

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Season one of White Lotus may have been released in 2021, but it’s still top of mind for those who want to take a trip to Hawaii. Expedia’s Maui beach packages include discounted flights, accommodations, and activities like surf lessons, bike tours, and sunset cruises. If you’re someone who wants to spend each day lounging in the sun, Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku is offering 23 percent off room prices, and the Maui Coast Hotel has select rooms for 40 percent off.

Paris Travel Deals — As Seen in Emily in Paris

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Paris is calling, and its variety of boutique hotels will put you within walking distance of some of the most iconic Parisian sights. As an Expedia Rewards member, you can save 20 percent on rooms at Hotel Ampere and Hôtel Bowmann (both are less than a 20-minute walk from the Champs-Élysées). If you want to be able to walk to the Eiffel Tower, it’s a straight shot from Villa Saxe Eiffel, which has select rooms for 25 percent off. Guests also note there’s an “excellent view of the Eiffel Tower” as soon as you walk into the hotel lobby.

Italy Travel Deals — As Seen in White Lotus and Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy

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If your Italy wanderlust grew after seeing Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy or the second season of White Lotus, it may be time to finally book that bucket-list trip. From the Amalfi Coast to Rome and Venice, there are a variety of hotel and flight deals with travel packages. To be where White Lotus filmed, you’ll need to visit Sicily where the Hotel Plaza Opera has marked down rooms by 30 percent for Expedia Rewards members.