May 29, 2024

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Nashville ranks in top 10 most popular vacation spots in U.S.

Nashville ranks in top 10 most popular vacation spots in U.S.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – Nashville is ranked in the top 10 most popular vacation destinations in the country, according to a study conducted by Family Destinations Guide.

According to the study, Nashville ranks No. 6 on the list. Las Vegas is the top vacation destination in the country.

The study examined Google search data to discover which major U.S. city each state wants to spend their summer vacation, based on the annual search volume for vacation-related terms across each state.

Rank Destination Combined annual total searches Rank Destination Combined annual total searches
1 Las Vegas 1,972,090 2 New York City 1,471,340
3 Miami 1,039,120 4 San Diego 1,026,800
5 Chicago 958,220 6 Nashville 903,040
7 Orlando 791,620 8 New Orleans 765,730
9 San Francisco 656,840 10 Boston 599,370

The research revealed that Las Vegas is the most popular vacation site in America. Las Vegas is the most searched for vacation in six states, including California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota and Utah. Across the country, Americans search for words associated with Las Vegas vacations an average of 1.9 million annually.

New York City ranks as the second most popular city where Americans want to spend their vacation. As one of the most famous cities in the world, many Americans and international tourists visit New York City to take in the city’s iconic sights, and it is the most searched-for vacation in five states overall, including Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and South Carolina. Search for vacation-related terms to New York City receive a combined annual average of 1.4 million searches across America.

Nashville is found in vacation searches an average of 900,000 searches across America and is the top destination for Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee residents.

State No. 1 Destination No. 2 Destination No. 3 Destination No. 4 Destination No. 5 Destination
Alabama New Orleans Nashville Atlanta Las Vegas New York City
Arkansas Nashville Memphis New Orleans Dallas Las Vegas
Connecticut New York City Boston Miami Orlando Nashville
Georgia Atlanta Miami New York City Nashville Las Vegas
Illinois Chicago Las Vegas Nashville New York City Miami
Indiana Indianapolis Chicago Nashville Fort Wayne Las Vegas
Iowa Chicago Las Vegas Kansas City Omaha Nashville
Kentucky Nashville Louisville Cincinnati Chicago Las Vegas
Maine Boston New York City Portland Nashville Las Vegas
Michigan Chicago Detroit Las Vegas Miami Nashville
Minnesota Minneapolis Chicago Las Vegas St. Paul Nashville
Mississippi New Orleans Nashville Memphis Atlanta Las Vegas
Missouri St. Louis Kansas City Chicago Nashville Las Vegas
New Hampshire Boston New York City Las Vegas Nashville Miami
North Dakota Minneapolis Las Vegas Nashville Denver Chicago
Ohio Cincinnati Cleveland Chicago Nashville Las Vegas
Rhode Island Boston New York City Miami Orlando Nashville
South Dakota Las Vegas Omaha Minneapolis Denver Nashville
Tennessee Nashville Memphis Las Vegas New Orleans Atlanta
Vermont Boston New York City Las Vegas Nashville Washington, DC
West Virginia Virginia Beach Pittsburgh New York City Nashville Washington, DC
Wisconsin Milwaukee Chicago Nashville Madison Las Vegas
Nationwide Las Vegas New York City Miami San Diego Chicago

A spokesperson for Family Destinations Guide commented on the study: “With summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time for Americans to start planning their summer vacations and this research provides a valuable guide into where each state wants to vacation to the most this summer.”

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