May 30, 2024

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The Best Under-$30 Travel Accessories at Amazon

The Best Under-$30 Travel Accessories at Amazon

With thousands of products from premium and popular brands and at every price point, Amazon has become a globetrotter’s best tool for snagging the latest gadgets and travel accessories. And, oftentimes, they’re so affordable that you won’t have to dip into your travel budget. Even if you don’t catch one of the dozens of quiet sales happening all of the time on the marketplace, there are still countless travel essentials available at wallet-friendly prices. 

To give you a head start on the hunt for gear to keep organized, comfortable, and stylish on your next trip, we’ve rounded up the best travel accessories at Amazon that are less than $30. Start with this ultra-durable foldaway tote by Samsonite for $26 that ensures you’ll always have enough room to bring back all the souvenirs you picked up on your trip. Then, make your next flight more comfortable than you thought possible by grabbing this portable footrest for $15, this memory foam neck pillow that’s on sale for 27 percent off, or this plush travel blanket that also doubles as a pillow and has been marked down 40 percent off (which means it’s just $24 right now).  

With prices starting at just $10 (and nothing over $30), these 15 travel accessories are the most affordable way to level up your travel game and head to your next destination in style. From belt bags and totes to water bottles and umbrellas, stock up on all the essentials you need for your next trip at Amazon. 

Samsonite Foldaway Packable Tote


This Samsonite foldaway tote weighs in at less than 1 pound and folds down to less than 9 inches when stored in the compact pouch it comes with. It’s made to stow away in your purse or luggage without taking up any space or impacting your checked baggage weight limit. When you open it up, the 15.3-inch by 12.6-inch tote is a roomy bag that’s perfect for stashing all the extras you pick up along your trip. 

Plus, its 600-denier polyurethane construction is water-resistant and durable enough that this could even serve as your personal bag on a flight or your go-to weekender bag with room to fit clothes, shoes, toiletries, and all your other essentials. At just $26, it’s a surprisingly affordable tote boasting the quality construction and functionality that Samsonite is known for. 

To buy:, $26

A40 Pro Wireless Earbuds


These A40 Bluetooth earbuds are just $23 thanks to a special double promotion, and they boast impressive noise-canceling capabilities and provide up to 50 hours of playtime between charges. For the digital nomad, the two built-in mics in each earbud help filter out environmental noise for zero interruptions during calls and video chats. The wireless headphones also come with three different silicone ear tips so you can get the perfect fit and a portable case so you can stow them safely when you’re not wearing them. 

To buy:, $23 with on-site coupon (originally $100) 

Nautica Diver Nylon Crossbody Bag


Wherever you’re headed to next, this crossbody bag from Nautica will be your best ally. The lightweight-yet-durable nylon travel purse is an ideal size for your wallet, passport, and smartphone with space leftover for snacks, lip balm, headphones, chargers, and other everyday must-haves that you might need on the go. Its crossbody design means that you can race to your gate hands-free without it slipping down your shoulder and have everything you need at your fingertips while you’re on the move. 

With a zippered exterior pocket plus three pockets inside, it’s also handy for keeping those essentials organized so you’re not digging around for what you need. It’s the ultimate travel bag for the airport and while you’re exploring your next destination — and it’s just $22. 

To buy:, $22

Amazon Basics 4-Piece Packing Cube Set


For longer trips or travelers who want to squeeze a little extra in their carry-on to avoid the checked bag fees, this four-piece set of packing cubes by Amazon Basics is a game-changer. They make it easy to fit more into your suitcase by keeping everything contained in compact zipper-closed cubes. But it also allows you to keep your things organized. 

Keep your socks, bras, underwear, and other smaller items in one cube to save you from hunting around your suitcase. Then, store tops in another and bottoms in a third — or organize them by occasion, packing hiking gear in one and dressier looks in another. Meanwhile, the mesh netting adds breathability while also allowing you to easily see what’s inside each cube.

To buy:, $23

Seafew Sling Crossbody Backpack


Made with durable, water-resistant oxford fabric and featuring a sturdy, adjustable strap, this sling backpack makes an excellent travel purse, everyday bag, or hiking daypack — for the surprisingly low price of $24. The main storage compartment is spacious enough to fit a tablet or book, along with a portable charger to connect to the USB charging port on the side. So, you can charge your smartphone without being glued to an outlet or forced to hold a bulky power bank in your hand as you go. There’s also a slip pocket that can fit your phone and passport, and a front zipper pocket for stashing credit cards or your ID for easy access. 

To buy:, $24

Vrurc Portable Charger With Built-In Cables


When you’re embarking on a busy travel day, the last thing you want to do is spend time untangling pesky charger wires — or arrive at your destination and realize that you forgot the USB cord for your power bank. This Vrurc Portable Charger solves both of those travel woes with its thoughtful design, which comes with built-in cables so you never have to worry about leaving yours behind or having it take up space in your bag. But, the best part is that it can charge up to five devices simultaneously, which is good news if you’re short on outlets. 

To buy:, $21 with on-site coupon (originally $33) 

Basic Concepts Airplane Footrest


Achieve a level of comfort that you didn’t know was possible on a flight with this airplane footrest from Basic Concepts. For just $15, you get a supportive footrest that can clip onto the back of the seat in front of you. Slide your feet in the hammock-style base and you’ll be able to kick back and get cozy — even on long haul flights in coach. The adjustable straps let you customize the height to suit anyone between 4 feet and 7 feet tall. And when you land, just fold it up into the carrying case that comes with it and toss it back in your carry-on. 

To buy:, $15

Adidas Core Waist Pack


This Adidas Core Waist Pack is another great travel accessory, especially for minimalist packers. The durable polyester belt bag features two zippered pockets for all your everyday essentials, while the front clip gives you a safe and convenient place to store your keys so they don’t take up room inside the bag. The adjustable strap lets you switch between wearing it around your waist or as a crossbody bag and the buckle makes it easy to snap on and off as needed. Add it to your cart while it’s 40 percent off, a discount that brings its price tag down to $18. 

To buy:, $18 (originally $30) 

Travelon RFID Blocking Passport Wallet


Travelon’s RFID-blocking passport wallet is a compact option for those who like to travel light but also want peace of mind that their essentials are secure. It zips close to ensure that your passport, credit cards, and cash won’t fall out unnoticed and comes with a zippered coin pocket to prevent loose change from spilling out. The passport sleeve is made for easy access so you can grab it and put it away quickly as you make your way through customs and security. And, four card slots give you just enough space to keep your credit cards, room keys, tickets, and other important items organized while still offering a wallet that’s small enough to fit in your back pocket or inside your belt bag. 

To buy:, $28

Bagsmart Hanging Toiletry Bag


Instead of digging through dozens of tiny bottles every morning or cluttering the hotel bathroom counter with all of your toiletries, get this Bagsmart hanging cosmetic bag, which only costs $23. The best-selling toiletry bag has a hook to hang from a curtain rod, doorknob, or any other convenient location and it unfurls into four compartments with clear windows so you can easily see where everything is. Plus, now you can keep everything stowed away for easy packing when it’s time to head to the next hotel, but still have it visible and easily accessible when you’re getting ready each morning. The padded, water-resistant exterior protects your things when the bag is stowed in your checked bag and comes in 10 different colors to coordinate with your luggage.  

To buy:, $23 (originally $30) 

Generic Hanging Suitcase Organizer


For the frequent flier who’s tired of digging through a suitcase, it’s time to upgrade your luggage with this hanging organizer by Generic. The portable travel accessory includes a spacious zippered pocket at the bottom and three collapsible compartments on top so you can keep your shirts, pants, and other pieces from your travel wardrobe in their own separate space before you fold it all down to fit in your carry-on or checked bag. 

When you get to the hotel, just use the two hooks on top to hang it in the closet and you’re done unpacking. The organizer will expand into a set of easy-to-access shelves so you can get dressed easily every morning. Then, just use the zipper pocket at the bottom to stash your dirty clothes so you can keep them separate without needing to bring along an extra bag. 

To buy:, $28

Special Made Collapsible Water Bottle


This collapsible water bottle is one of the handiest travel accessories that you didn’t know you needed. Instead of taking up room in your personal item with an empty bottle or springing for an oversized bottle of water at the airport, just slide this foldable bottle into a pocket. 

Once you get past TSA security, you can fill it with 20 ounces of water to keep you hydrated on the plane. And, after you drink it all, fold it back up to keep the bottle of the way again. The soft, flexible silicone is BPA-free, leak-proof, and easy to fold down and fit into the small strap that keeps it folded. For just $10, you can save tons of money on bottled water without having to lug around a bulky reusable bottle.

To buy:, $10 with on-site coupon (originally $12) 

Pavilia Travel Blanket and Pillow


Stay comfy on the flight with this packable travel blanket by Pavilia. The plush microfleece fabric keeps you warm when unfolded. But you also have the option of folding it back up into its pouch and so it can double as a pillow. When you’re not using it, the buckle strap can clip onto your bag or slide over your luggage handle for easy carrying. Choose from 10 different colors and patterns and make your next flight so much cozier for just $24. 

To buy:, $24 (originally $40) 

Epicka Universal Travel Plug Adapter


The international jetsetter shouldn’t leave home without this Epicka universal plug adapter. The compact cube keeps all the different plugs tucked away inside so that it packs easier. Then, when you reach your destination, plug any cord into the universal outlet and use the slide levers on the side to push out the plug that matches the wall outlets. The adapter also comes with a USB-C port and four standard USB ports so you can charge up to six devices on a single outlet.

To buy:, $23

Mlvoc Memory Foam Travel Pillow


This top-rated Mlvoc travel pillow features luxurious memory foam and an ergonomic design tailor made for better neck support and a more comfortable fit when you’re wearing it. It also comes with an adjustable rope lock that allows you to secure it into just the right angle for you. Plus, there’s no need to wear it around the airport to avoid taking up room in your bag because it compresses down into a compact carrying case the size of a smartphone. Wrap the drawstring loops of the case around your wrist, hang them from a clip on your bag, or just toss the whole thing in your purse.

To buy:, $22 (originally $30) 

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