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Top 10 Best Places In Europe To Travel In April

Top 10 Best Places In Europe To Travel In April

Tourist Attractions: Top Best Places In Europe To Travel In April

Around April, spring brings Europe to life with its golden and yellow hues. April is also the month of Easter. This means that most of Europe is decorated with festivity and joy. 

There are many destinations across Europe that are perfect for spring holidays if you plan ahead and can handle the tourist rush.

Europe can be described as a treasure trove of unique and priceless tourist attractions. Europe offers a rich experience for all types of travelers, whether it’s the charming Scottish city of Edinburgh or Budapest, the exotic capital of Hungary. 

April is the most pleasant month for European Holidays because the continent’s weather changes from freezing winters into a very comfortable one.


You can also see beautiful flowers in Europe, as well as enjoy European fresh fruits and vegetables. As soon as this month ends, all hotels and airfares are discounted.

Our list of the 11 Best Places in Europe to Visit in April includes 10 perfect locations to satisfy your April travel cravings. 

Enjoy the best of Europe’s most beautiful locations to give your senses a feast.

Dubrovnik, Croatia # 1

Dubrovnik, a famous tourist location in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea is world-famous. It boasts stunning architectural works as well as breathtaking scenic beauty, which are given a perfect look during the April Spring Season. 

The April temperatures range from 14 to 17 degrees. It enjoys a long, sunny 9-10 hours each day in April. This makes it one of the most beautiful places in Europe to visit in April.

There are festivals like Christian Cultural Day in the first week in April. There are also musical events and parties such as Club Lazareti the middle week in April.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The town’s old section is like a movie set with wide lanes, old marvel homes, and narrow streets that have a cinematic look. April in Dubrovnik is jam-packed with spring festivals that allow you to explore the city in different dimensions.

These stunning sightseeing attractions, such as the Old City Walls and Stradun of Dubrovnik; Square of the Loggia, Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar, Recor’s Palace, Square of the Loggia and many other beautiful locations, will make your vacations a memorable one.

Venice, Italy # 2

Venice is a great place to visit in April. It is pleasant with temperatures ranging between 12 and 16 degrees. It experiences a sharp increase in temperatures in March. With a bit of rain, April brings clearer days. This is when tourists usually arrive. 

Although peak season is nearly a month away many tourists visit the city to avoid the crowds. 

It is a great time to ride a gondola through Venice in April, when the flowers are in full bloom. Tourists flood the city as Easter nears and fill most hotels. 

Venice, Italy

April begins in Venice with the Easter celebrations and classical music concerts. The second and third weeks are home to events such as Festa di San Marco, the last week in April, Venice Jazz festival and Italian Liberation Day celebrations on April 25, many opera concerts and many other cultural events.

April is Liberation Day, which makes it a month full of lively celebrations.

This time of year has fewer people in the city, so you can enjoy the city while exploring or cruising to the most beautiful spots. In spring, the city is full of beautiful flowers that reflect off the blue waters.

Prague, Czech Republic # 3

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic is always crowded due to its many attractions. Prague is a top choice for both the most visited and the best European cities to visit in April.

During this time, many festivals and exhibitions like Exhibition at The Jewish Museum, City Museum or Karel Zeman Museum are held.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague’s Easter celebrations last until April. Another entertaining event is the “Witches Night” on April 30. It is very similar to Halloween. 

The celebration marks the end of the cold winters by hosting a bonfire night and wearing creepy, colorful costumes.

Other events include the April Jazz Boat Cruise, the Hieronymous Bosch Event, Saturdays with Shopping, and fun Saturdays at Naplavka Riverside Market. There will also be a Spiritual Music concert and other small events.

Prague in April is a great time to visit the city’s attractions, parks and gardens, or walk the streets.

Berlin, Germany # 4

It is refreshing to see the absence of sub-zero days in Berlin. It is safe to say that April marks the end of multiple layers of clothing in Berlin. You may see a few outdoor cafes quietly camping out on the streets of the city as the month progresses. 

Walking tours are very popular here due to the warmth of the sun. German Easter holidays are very popular so expect to pay more for everything, from accommodation to tickets. 

Berlin, Germany

The New Berlin Film Award, also known as Achtung Berlin, is one of Berlin’s most popular events. The event features several movies and is attended by cast and crew from the nominated features and films. 

Festtage, a cultural event that brings together the finest classical musicians in the country, is another important one. Art lovers should also make it a point of attending the Gallery Weekend event.

Paris, France # 5

Paris, a beautiful destination in France, is a stunning location that can be enjoyed year round. It is a popular European tourist destination and a well-known honeymoon destination. Paris experiences a mild spring temperature of 11-16 degrees Celsius with moderate sunlight.

Paris does not have to be adorned with colors in order to look beautiful, but April’s arrival of spring adds another dimension to this French capital. Paris is warm enough to enjoy the many parks and outdoor attractions. 

The city is like a painting during spring, with the streets, greeneries and beautiful structures shining under the blue skies.

April is the month for photographers who want to capture million-dollar shots of Paris. 

Paris, France

There are many events happening during this period, including Easter celebrations, Paris marathon and exhibitions at Grand Palais and Paris Art fair. You can find many cultural events and entertainment for children at Disneyland.

Take a Seine cruise to feel the fresh air in your hair. If you have a clear day, climb up to Montparnasse Tower for a panoramic view of the city.

You can also visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral and Muse du Louvre as well as many other attractions.

Bologna, Italy # 6

Bologna, Italy has a pleasant spring with temperatures between 13 and 17 degrees and 6 hours of sunlight. It has a rich cultural and historical history that has been lost to time under various monarchs.

During this period, many mesmerizing portraits by the ancient Italian painter are made available to the public. Music and art lovers will surely love Bologna in April.

Bologna is a hub for exhibitions and cultural events such as the Dali Experience. The famous portrait of Rittrato d’uomo at Palazzo d’Accursio, Lavoro in Movimento exhibition, San Giacomo Music Festival, Eureka dance show. 

Bologna, Italy

The Ocarina Music Festival, Hair Festival, and many other events that celebrate the hippie culture of 1960.

You can take both day and night tours of the city’s attractions, including the Leaning Towers, Piazza Maggiore and San Petronio. Also, visit the Piazza Maggiore and San Petronio. 

The evenings can be spent shopping at la Piazzola Market or dining at the best city restaurants.

Dublin, Ireland # 7

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is alive during sunny spring days. There are many music and cooking festivals, walks, and discoveries. 

We recommend Dublin’s largest festival of flowers, Bloom in the Park in the Phoenix Park. It is one the most beautiful parks in Europe.

Dublin, Ireland

Book a priority entry ticket to Guinness Storehouse, Dublin today. You will receive a pint and a full-day tour of Giant’s Causeway from Dublin.

Ghent, Belgium # 8

Ghent, a charming painted town in Belgium, has a medieval architecture. You can walk through the charming town or take a boat ride to sail around the city.

The city’s most exciting attractions can be explored in April’s mild spring weather. These include The Count’s Castle, Cathedral of St.Bavo and the stunning gothic fortress “Gravensteen”.

You can enjoy some of the most stunning street art in the city, or you can opt for a tour to see graffiti and then go out and enjoy the nightclubs and musical performances.

Ghent, Belgium

You can also enjoy great shopping Sundays in Ghent, at different shopping destinations around the city. Also, you should visit the Ghent Old Market. 

Springtime is a time when all museums, historical circles, and cultural associations host colorful local events.

Florence, Italy # 9

April is warm and sunny, making it a great time to get outside and discover the many treasures of this historic city. This is a great time to get to know Florence’s culture. 

Florence has been voted one of the most romantic places in Italy. It is a popular destination for tourists from all over the globe. Its charm is enhanced by its old architectures, cobbled streets, exotic wine, and opera houses.

Florence has the best weather in April, with temperatures between 14 and 19 degrees and 9 hours of sunlight. 

Florence, Italy

It is a great place to visit museums, art galleries, cathedrals and other beautiful tourist attractions. 

The amazing evenings in Florence and the wonderful nights at the old Opera theatres are hard to resist. Florence is a must-see if you’re looking for places to travel in Europe April.

Budapest, Hungary # 10

Budapest in Hungary is a great place to visit in April because of its many festivals, concerts and exhibitions for both tourists and residents. April is the height of spring in Budapest. 

Outdoor activities are becoming more popular as the city dresses up in the seasonal colors. The number of tourists has seen a dramatic rise. 

You should book your accommodation and flight tickets well in advance if you plan to visit Budapest during April. 

Locals and tourists love the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Japanese Garden. The streets are decorated with Easter eggs and there is a resounding sound of the church bells.

Budapest, Hungary

It is also a beautiful place to see when the city’s lush greeneries are adorned with blooming flowers that make it look vibrant and beautiful under the spring sky.

You can walk under the Chain Bridge or taste the delicious Hungarian foods, and wine.

You can explore the caves of Budapest or spend time at Buda castle. Or you can try the traditional Hungarian cuisine and take a city tour.

FAQs About Europe

What is the Speciality of Europe?

Europe is home to some of the most popular attractions in the world and amazing feats of nature, and humanity. There are many fun and random facts about Europe, from the smallest city in the world to the largest church on the planet, to a knighted penguin and a country without mosquitoes.

Is April a good month to travel Europe?

“Shoulder season” — generally April through mid-June, and September through October — combines the advantages of both peak- and off-season travel. In shoulder season, you’ll enjoy decent weather, long-enough daylight, fewer crowds, and a local tourist industry still ready to please and entertain.