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Travel Off Path’s Top Destinations For 2023

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Travel Off Path has always been a source of news and travel information that is written by travelers, for travelers. Travel is in our blood. Between all of our writers and staff, we’ve visited almost every country in the world.

As the new year approaches, travelers are eagerly planning their trips for 2023, and we at Travel Off Path are no exception.

We wanted to do something a bit different in this article, so we asked our staff what the top destination they wish to visit in 2023 is so that we could share it with you.

Woman traveling in Istanbul, top destinations

Many “top destinations” articles across the internet simply report search data from booking platforms or are sponsored lists. For our Top Destinations Of 2023, we wanted to share the most wish-listed destinations of our well-traveled staff.

When the question “What is the destination you most want to visit in 2023” was sent out, we were not surprised to find out that many of us couldn’t pick just one! After all, we are all traveling all the time, so why limit ourselves?

With that in mind, read on to find out the destinations we are dreaming about most for next year!

Young Female Traveler With A Straw Hat Exploring The Mexican Jungle, Mexico, Latin America, top destinations

Kashlee Kucheran, CEO


“There are so many cultural and historical experiences beyond the normal resort vacation that travelers need to see for themselves. You could spend 10 years exploring Mexico and not even scratch the surface of what it has to offer. For anyone thinking Mexico is just all-inclusives, I beg you to look closer.”


Dancers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, top destinations


“Albania truly has all the best of what Europe has to offer for a fraction of the price and with a much safer and more welcoming environment. It’s a wonderful gem, mostly unknown to westerners, and one that deserves to be top of your 2023 destination list.”


Port Area In Sarande, Albania, Albanian Riviera, Southeastern Europe, Mediterranean Sea, top destinations


“Turkey is a sensational country filled with Bucket List experiences. Everything from bustling cities to quiet seaside towns awaits, with amazing food, language, and weather. If you want the seaside, try Izmikr, Kas, and Bodrum. For cities, you can’t go wrong with Istanbul and Ankara.”


Breakfast,On,The,Roof,With,Amazing,View,On,Cappadocia,,Turkey., top destinations

Trevor Kucheran, Director


“Mexico is the ultimate destination. It has the landscapes of the entire world, all located in just one country. Mountains, deserts, rivers, jungles, and oceans. One day you could be surfing in Puerto Escondido; the next day, you could be in a cozy snow-covered cabin in Durango.

As far as Tourism is concerned, Mexico is the king. With incredible beachfront cities like Cancun and Cabo, visitors will never be disappointed with their vacations.

For digital nomads and slow travelers, Mexico has dozens of charming and affordable towns and cities with an incredible quality of life brimming with culture. For the last decade, it’s always been my number one choice, and I feel like my love for Mexico is just beginning.”


Aerial View Of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexican Caribbean, Mexico, top destinations

Tyler Fox, Managing Editor

Having the freedom to work from anywhere comes with serious advantages… and temptations. Temptations like packing it all up and moving to another country! My top destinations for 2023 are all areas I would like to explore more to see if I would like to live there long-term.

Istanbul, Turkey

“Istanbul has always seemed like a fascinating destination, and I can’t wait to see it for myself. One of my favorite things to do while traveling is explore the historical attractions in the area, and Istanbul is filled to the brim with them. The Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, and the Basilica Cistern are all musts during my trip.”


Galata Tower In Istanbul, Turkey

Tirana, Albania

“Tirana is a place I would love to check out. Albania’s digital nomad visa is definitely something that I’ve considered, and I’m very curious to see what life would be like in the capital city. Also, Tirana seems like an excellent place to call home base, especially because Americans can stay for up to a year without a visa.”


Tirana Albania


“Whenever we write about Mexico, I want to book the next flight out! I’ve been before, but there is so much more to the country than a resort stay in the Riviera Maya. Cancun, Tulum, Bacalar, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Los Cabos, La Paz… Mexico has so many destinations, and I want to see them all!

The people I’ve met at conferences who are from Mexico were some of the nicest people there, and they are another big reason for me wanting to see more of the country.”


Puerto Vallarta

Vinicius Costa – Senior Writer

Sofia, Bulgaria

“Serving as capital to one of Europe’s less visited and most mysterious countries, Sofia is Bulgaria’s financial and cultural center, where communist-era monuments and far more ancient Romanesque ruins are constantly battling for dominance in an incongruent, yet beautiful cityscape. It is also one of the continent’s oldest cities, making it an ideal destination for Historophiles.”


Sofia Bulgaria

São Paulo, Brazil

“A largely overlooked metropolitan behemoth, Latin America’s largest city may not be necessarily famous for its collection of historic landmarks, which is understandably limited, but it truly shines as a foodie destination and a diverse, multicultural hub. Here, you will see Japanese, Jew, Arab, Lithuanian, Polish and Italian neighborhoods clumped together, still retaining their ethnic character and cuisine – just to name a few – and perhaps Brazil’s most vibrant nightlife and social scene.”


Sao Paulo

Istanbul, Turkey / Turkiye

“One of the most mystical cities on the planet, Istanbul’s greatness knows no borders: it has districts in Europe and Asia, with the former’s imperial Balkan charm often overlapping with the latter’s Anatolian-oriental flair. As Philip Mansel puts it, it is the “city of the world’s desire” with views to be admired for days.”


Istanbul Turkey

Andrea Miliani – Travel Writer


“Call me a romantic, but Italy has that unique, flirty charm that you won’t find in another country. I am especially interested in off-the-beaten-path destinations I haven’t visited before, like Cinque Terre and Elba Island—where my ancestors are from. That mix of fascinating historical architecture, delicious gastronomy, and stunning landscapes that you find in Italy make it a wonderful travel experience for anyone.”


Elba Island


“I’m so curious about Albania! This destination became very popular this year, and the videos and photos are truly impressive. The beaches have spectacular turquoise waters, the Albanian Alps seem to have amazing trails, and the museums look very interesting. I want to visit while it’s still affordable and before it gets too popular.”


Albania Mountains

Laura Taylor – Travel Writer

Yellowstone National Park

“Yellowstone is one of my absolute favorite places in the world – with the rainbows, bubbling hot springs, herds of bison roaming free, and seemingly endless expanses of wilderness, it’s always felt magical to me. There are also so many things to do and see there (and in the border communities, like catching a movie at the IMAX theatre over in West Yellowstone!), I feel like it never gets old.”


Yellowstone National Park

Megan Gibbons – Travel Writer


“Over the past year, I have volunteered with a group that helps asylum seekers and refugees in my community. Through this work, I have gotten to know so many kind, brave, and resilient families from all over the world and have been exposed to cultures I didn’t know much about before. So my top choice of places I’d like to visit in 2023 is inspired by an amazing group of women who have shown me the beauty of their culture –  the country of Georgia. Georgia is my top pick for three specific reasons: the people, the land, and the food (my favorite reason for travel). 

The Georgian families I have come to know are so kind and hospitable that I’d imagine traveling to their country would be a very welcoming experience. When we talk about Georgia, they all light up and excitedly explain how beautiful of a country it is, and the photos I’ve seen are stunning. And finally, after a few very special home-cooked Georgian meals, I have come to the conclusion that Georgian food should be as popular and well-known as Italian food. It is absolutely delicious and truly unique. I look forward to eating my way through Georgia in 2023.”



Nicolin Collingridge – Travel Writer

El Salvador

“With waves from a surfer’s dream, epic volcanoes to climb, and a fascinating history to absorb, this country often gets overlooked compared to the larger countries in Central America (which means fewer tourist crowds). Every person I’ve spoken to has only sung this country’s praises, so I can’t wait to see what everyone is talking about in 2023.”


El Salvador Surfing

Dale Peterson – Travel Writer


“Nicaragua is a diverse country with many adventurous things to do. Great beaches for surfing, outdoor activities like volcano hikes and volcano boarding, and exploring colonial cities like León and Granada are reasons I’m hoping to visit Nicaragua in 2023.”


Young Female Traveler Pictured On A Swing On The Ocean Facing An Apparent Volcano In Nicaragua, Central America

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