November 27, 2022

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Want happiness? Plan a vacation, University of Alabama researchers say

Infinite summer months surfers, Elvis in the motion pictures, the Go-Gos, Jack Johnson and Jimmy Buffett would almost certainly concur with this premise: Seaside men and women live the sunniest life.

But it turns out to be the highway forward that delivers the most pleasure, according to a analyze by a pair of University of Alabama researchers. Sure, shorelines ended up named most frequently as ideal locations, in the study of 1,040 tourists from all around the United States, but it is travel itself, the escape from regimen, that produces joy.

The traveler can climb mountains, sail cruise ships, or hike parks, reported Jay Waters, a UA teacher in promotion and general public relations, who created the review with Jameson Hayes, an affiliate professor and director of UA’s Community Opinion Lab.

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