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Who qualifies for a UK visa? I asked an immigration lawyer

Who qualifies for a UK visa? I asked an immigration lawyer

I moved from Australia to the British isles at the close of 2019. When I appeared into receiving a operate visa, I struggled to obtain obvious information and facts.

There are so a lot of various styles. Based on what nation you are travelling from, you may need to have a visa just to go on vacation in the Uk. I identified information on governing administration web-sites bewildering, so I resolved to ask an pro.

David Gering-Hasthorpe is an immigration lawyer and director of Southside Immigration in Glasgow, British isles. Here’s every little thing he told me about making use of for visas when travelling to the Uk.

Can I journey to the United kingdom devoid of a visa if I am coming from a Commonwealth country like Australia?

“Some nations around the world, which includes Australia, have a visa-no cost visitor scheme with the United kingdom. This implies that if an Australian citizen needs to come to the United kingdom for a take a look at, they can request visitor position at the airport when they arrive, alternatively than making use of for a visa prior to travelling.

“The listing of international locations that have visa-free vacation to the British isles is solely different from the Commonwealth, even though. For instance, Kenya is in the Commonwealth, but Kenyan citizens have to use for a visa prior to going to the British isles.

“You can check out out if your nationality indicates you will require a visa or not on the United kingdom government internet site,” below the customer immigration guidelines visa national record.

Do I need to have a visa to vacation to the United kingdom if I have relations who are British citizens?

“Mostly, certainly, and undoubtedly if you’re on the lookout to move here completely.

“If you are just on the lookout to come to the British isles as a visitor, then you might be ready to enter under the visa-free of charge customer arrangement [outlined above], dependent on your nationality.

“Even if your region does have a visa-totally free customer arrangement with the Uk, while, this can often be refused at the airport when you get there. This could be since of a historical past of overstaying your visa in the earlier, or if the House Workplace thinks that you intend to are living in the Uk permanently.

“Having family members in the British isles is in some cases utilised as a cause why the Residence Business office thinks that you may intend to remain below permanently.”

What common explanations would individuals be denied a United kingdom visa?

“Sometimes people today are denied for the reason that they do not meet up with the prerequisites. For case in point, if another person needs a stop by visa, but they intend to work in the British isles, then the visa will be refused.

“A large amount of the time, folks satisfy the prerequisites, but do not have proof of it. For instance, if you want a pay a visit to visa but you really do not have any proof of good reasons to return to your place of residence, then you can be expecting that software to be refused as properly.”

Can I stay in the British isles as a tourist for 6 months without the need of a visa?

“The Household Business does not have rigid limits on the amount of time that you can shell out in the United kingdom as a customer. They do have a ‘Genuine Visitor’ prerequisite, nevertheless, for visitor standing.

“One of the approaches they assess this need is based mostly on how substantially time you’ve invested in the British isles as a customer lately. If you have invested six months or a lot more in the British isles during the previous 12 months, they’ll get started to think that you are most likely no extended a ‘genuine visitor’.”

If I preferred to journey to the Uk for a holiday getaway in December, when and wherever would be the most effective time to utilize for a visa?

“I advise distributing your visa software at least two months prior to you are arranging to travel. You will require to apply from your state of residence in most scenarios.”