July 23, 2024

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The hipster side of Amsterdam

The hipster side of Amsterdam

Do you like visiting new cities with a little bit of a hipster spin? Or maybe you have already been to Amsterdam a few times and now you are looking for something off the beaten path. This guide can help you with finding the best hipster attractions in Amsterdam, from art to food and drink.

To discover the city and its art

If you are looking for interesting art exhibitions in Amsterdam, you can’t miss the Moco Museum. Aside from immersive experiences, the museum features many popular modern artists. Even the artist Banksy found himself among other contemporary masters. While visiting Amsterdam, as a hipster, you cannot miss Jordaan. Back in the day, it was a working class area. It still has the 17th-century houses, but they are now renovated. Among the old buildings you can find trendy pubs and cafes – a wonderful place to take a small break. Jordaan is also a great spot for all the foodies, as it has many culinary hot spots. Another district that can be interesting is De Pijp. Most importantly, this area is still not flooded with tourists, so you can get a truly unique experience. Take a break at one of the Coffee Company cafes, get food at the organic supermarkets, and explore other interesting places. It is also a great place to go after dark, as it has a bustling nightlife, with underground music, craft bars, and much more. Don’t miss Cintelo, a cool local space, where you can see various music performances during the weekends.

To eat

Although Dutch food is not too famous, in Amsterdam you can find many great places to eat various foods, both from regional and international cuisines. The Lobby Nesplein is a great place to try traditional dishes with a twist. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, and every meal served looks absolutely stunning. De Brakke Grond is a place where you can savor traditional Flemish food, accompanied by Belgian beer. Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx is a great spot to get fries that taste like heaven, although you might have to wait a bit in the line. If you want to explore the international side of Amsterdam, get sushi in Zushi – the dishes are served on a moving line which makes the experience a whole lot of fun! Vinnie’s Deli is located on Haarlemmerstraat and features healthy options prepared from ingredients from local providers.